FGF- I Want To Fly Into Your Airspace.



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18 responses to “FGF- I Want To Fly Into Your Airspace.

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  2. I saw this. This is soooooo funny.

  3. очень хорошo! меня нравиться.

  4. Related to the dead bear cub story you posted earlier, they caught the sickos.

    Not that it matters. They were charged with misdemeanors, “similar to a traffic ticket.”

  5. Спасибо, г. Макк.

  6. не заставляйте меня бороться с Вами, Ginger. Я – человек, который говорит на русском языке где-то здесь.

    Okay, well, clearly not the человек. Why is man the default Russian? I blame the patriarchy!

  7. Beale, they didn’t kill the bear.

  8. Укусите меня, Тетю Б.

  9. Hurray, Ginger, you crack me up.

  10. nm

    Y’all are mixing up your cases something awful. That’s мне нравиться and Тетя Б, dammit

  11. Theres also a syntax discrepancy

  12. Oh, sure, nm, show up with the actual ability to type in Cyrillic. The rest of us are just using the English to Russian translator, cringing at the bad translations, and not being sure how to fix them.

    Hence how I ended up a человек and not a ЖЕНЩИНА (and who the hell knows why that’s all in caps? I guess I am woman hear me roar.)

  13. nm

    You might could use лицо instead.

  14. Now you’re just showing off.

  15. nm

    True. But it would work.

  16. Mack:

    Very funny video.

    The only Russian I read is on vodka bottle labels.

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