Took the Primary Wife to vote yesterday, and register her car, AND pay a speeding ticket she got, the little lead-foot that she is…

Anyway, in three days of early voting (not counting yesterday) 4,026 votes had already been cast in Robertson County.  We are definitely on track to shatter previous records for turnout.  I have no idea what that means.



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4 responses to “Wow

  1. Did you see any evidence of the machine highlighting the wrong vote for you? That has been reported.

  2. The Missus

    We all know what conventional wisdom says about high turn out. In 14 days we find out what it means in 2008. I can’t think about anything else, it is exhausting and exhilarating and I love it.

  3. Mack

    Jim, nope, and I paid close attention.

  4. If my in-laws’ vote changed from McCain to Obama, they’d both stroke out.

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