Rarely Right, Actually, But Always Thoughtful And Polite

I like Roger Abramson.  He is someone who can disagree and not be disagreeable.  I like that he rarely relies on bullshit slogans and can flesh out a nuanced argument when so many other Conservatives fail miserably.  So color me befuddled when i read his post today.  Really, Roger?  Ayres?

I could write my 1000 words today like Beasley (our new nickname for Aunt B) debunking the notion that serving on a board for the collective good is tantamount to palling around or consorting with or even befriending terrorists, but, surely, you must see the folly of that line of reasoning, right?

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE, fer cryin out loud, an organization that is arguably the best suited to weigh in on the whole Ayres/Obama “relationship”, HAS ENDORSED BARACK OBAMA!  If they ain’t worried, why are you?  Will you be ready to question the working relationships of other potential leaders if they happen to be Republicans?  Do we really want to travel this particular path?

You surprise me, Sir.  You are more than capable of writing something thoughtful and persuasive about Obama’s experience or policy proposals, but you chose to write about an issue most Americans don’t care about?

Well, at least you weren’t shrill about it.  Had you been, Hobbs could rightfully claim you were infringing on his territory.


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