I’ll admit to being less than objective regarding, if you’ll admit this is clever as hell:



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3 responses to “Intervention

  1. Mack:

    It’s pretty obvious from the way they stare into the camere that those stupid kids are brainwashed. They’re probably all on drugs–or in college at some secular humanist institution.

    They probably aren’t getting paid anything for doing the ad either, but “donating” their time–the idiots don’t know the first thing about a free market economy.

    Freedom ain’t worth a bucket of warm, formerly beer if you don’t gotta pay anything for it!

  2. “Just call me, I’ll pick you up. No questions asked.” I love it.

  3. Meg

    Hahaha this is great. Luckily my parents are crazy liberals like me so I don’t have to have “the talk” with them.

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