Is God A Punk?

Dear God, since I know you are a regular reader of this blog, I have to call your attention to this.  Seems you’ve been called out.  If you let John McCain lose in November, you will have been pwned by all the other Gods, who clearly favor Obama.  Now, I’m ok with that, since I know how bad-ass you really are, (having watched every episode of Veggie-Tales) and you need prove nothing to me.  I’ve got yer back, Jack.  I suggest you send Michael or Gabriel or even Uriel out to the swing states to wage a holy war against those that might support the Senator from Illinois.  (Don’t bother trying to turn Illinios red, not even you could do that) Maybe start in North Carolina, the indigenous people there are already pretty much on your side, and will offer logistical support.

I can’t bear the thought of the God of the U.S. going down in an electoral landslide while all the other Gods are watching.  Your reputation is at stake, Sir.  Will you cut n run, or fight?



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4 responses to “Is God A Punk?

  1. I think McCain would have been better off watching Madame Blueberry (“Happiness Waits at the StuffMart”) and then he would have a better grasp of our current economic situation.

  2. But, but, Sarah, the Arctic Fox, knows how to field dress a Chicago U MBA!!

  3. Dang. I had read the transcript, but seeing it live is horrible.

  4. misssharoncobb

    Just watching that has thrown me into an existential crisis!

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