72.  A two year campaign, endless speechifying, air travel, hotel rooms, time zone changes.  Unbelieveable stress.  I really just think McCain is wore out.  Hell, I would be.

Back when Dennis Miller was funny, he said of Reagan “He’s 72! And he has access to the button?  My Grandpa is 72, we don’t let him near the remote!”

You can have all the punditry.  I’ll apply Occum’s razor and go watch Jeopardy or something.



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6 responses to “72

  1. Ok, see…it’s not only that. What worries me…and this may really get me in trouble with some folks, but it really is a concern…is the fact that while as much as I honor & respect him for the sacrifice he made in being a POW for our country, along with that comes lasting psychological scars that I just have to wonder if they could affect his ability to perform that job when the stress got to be at its highest levels.

    (How’s that for the Mother of all Run-on Sentences?)

    I dated a guy who is a victim of PTSD as a result of being in the first Gulf War, and he could seriously change personalities & moods on a dime. He could be the kindest, most intelligent, level-headed man one minute, and then completely lose his marbles the next. You couldn’t predict what he was going to do, and it was damn scary.

    I don’t blame him. It wasn’t his fault.

    But do we really believe that a man who spent 6 years in a POW camp came out of it with absolutely no residual psychological issues from it?

    Is it safe for that man to have his finger on the nuclear button?

  2. A touchy subject, to be sure, but not at all without merit.

  3. The Missus

    No, it’s not safe for McCain to have his finger on the button. I do not think he is mentally stable.

  4. “Back when Dennis Miller was funny”

    Spot on. The key word being ‘when’

  5. Unlike many folks I don’t respect John McCain and I do not consider him a hero. I never have, so this is not some late conversion for me. I have a particularly good friend who up until just a few months ago saw McCain as a very viable alternative to whoever else was running. I think he feels like he was lied to for the last twenty+ years.

    Certainly, some of McCain’s current problems stem from age, the rigors of the campaign and, perhaps, from his time as a POW. Having said that, he chose to do what he ‘s doing and he chose Sarah Palin. I’m not cutting him any slack.

  6. I don’t prefer paying someone to take a four-year nap.

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