Tennessee Republicans Export Strategy To Missouri

Hat-tip to Democommie.



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10 responses to “Tennessee Republicans Export Strategy To Missouri

  1. And which part of that sign is untrue?

  2. heartbreaktown

    I love the “quotes”! Funny, I have never seen anyone put quotes around their middle name.

    If Obama is pro-contraception, there will likely be less abortions.

    I recall Obama flat-out saying he was opposed to same-sex marriage.

    Obama’s plan calls for less taxes for me, if it’s more for you, then you must make over $250k. Congrats!

    Gun regulations – I hope so.

    But I have seen him wear that head dress, so he must be muslim. Guiliani wore make-up, so I guess that makes him a woman.

  3. “Guiliani wore make-up, so I guess that makes him a woman.”

    Heartbreaktown wins the internet!

  4. democommie


    You really have to ask? Have a little more Koolaid.

  5. democommie


    Thanks for posting this. It appears that the owner of the property it’s on is a man named Ronnie Ford in West Plains, MO, according to the newspaper website there (I got this from another source–don’t know if it’s a fact).

    I don’t know that a lot of people who do honorable things need to do them in the dead of night or while wearing costumes with hoods/masks.


    If any of what’s on the sign was true, especially the depicition of Obama, it would be all over the news and the Fauxnews.

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  7. So that sign tells me the following about the person (or people) that made it and put it up:

    – they have 12 kids
    – they are a married heterosexual
    – they make over $250,000 a year
    – they own AK-47’s and illegal assault rifles.

    BTW, what heartbreaktown said above is right. Obama is against gay marriage. Said so himself on many occasions. And so is Biden, as he stated very clearly in the VP debate.

  8. Welcome Marty! Your presence here is cause for celebration!

    Yes, he has indeed come against it. I don’t agree with him on that issue. Personally, I say freedom to marry whomever you choose seems like a no-brainer. But i realize I will never find a candidate i agree with 100 percent of the time. (except for kucinich) 😉

  9. Mack:

    I met Denny the K once at a church I used to go to. He was polite and pleasant. I wish he or someone like him was electable.

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