Revenge Of The Community Organizers

ACORN has done excellent work.  Heres a little smackdown for those that attempt to foist the lies that the organization has engaged in voter fraud.

Face it.  The grassroot efforts over the last two and half years beat Hillary Clinton in the Primary, and will beat McCain in the general.  Obama has outraised, outwitted, outworked everyone else, and his campaign shows it.



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8 responses to “Revenge Of The Community Organizers

  1. Atrios had a great post up today about this. There is a huge difference between voter fraud and voter registration fraud. He wrote: “In many states people who do voter registration are obligated to turn in forms even they’re filled out by “Mickey Mouse.” They’re a conduit for the forms and don’t have the right to determine which ones they turn in.”

    Personally, as a volunteer coordinator the last election I tried to stay far, far, away from people who were paid per voter registration, for a lot of reasons. Mostly because they want to hold onto the registrations, while we want to record the contact info to make sure people got their voter registration cards and knew where to go to vote.

    One time I got someone who was working for a group like ACORN who insisted on keeping her registration forms so she could turn them in and get paid. I didn’t use that “volunteer” again (sorry, but if you’re getting paid you aren’t a volunteer.)

    I just don’t like it, on principle.

  2. bridgett

    I think that any time you get 9 million people to register to vote, you’re going to get thousands of bad apps. Big fucking deal.

  3. A ‘Smackdown’ from Jessah Jackson Junior, in the Huffington post?

    Shirley, you can get a better source than that for your smackdown.

    Yet the stories keep pouring out, one after the other, after another, and another…

    It must just be that those white devils over at Fox news are on a witch hunt.

  4. bridgett

    Ex, you’re an engineer. Use your analytical brain for a second.

    1. Anecdote does not equal data. “Stories” are what a news organization generates when they want viewers. Evidence is what researchers generates when they want to analyze something. I’m waiting for evidence rather than stories. If you’ve got any, put up.

    2. The volume of registration is such that there will be bum applications. It’s called an error rate. If fraud was intentional, there would be a much higher rate of bad apps than there are. Say, for argument’s sake and to make the math simple, that ACORN has registered 5 million voters. (They’ve actually registered significantly more than this, I think.) If one percent of those applications are incorrectly filled out or filled out under a bogus name or what all, that’s 50,000 applications and an error rate of 1%, which would be astonishingly low. Customarily, you have an error rate of 5%, which would be a quarter-million. If there were fraudulent intent involved, I’d expect to see (presuming fraudulent intent) at least twice that in bogus forms. No one credible is alleging that kind of number. Do you have any proof that there’s been half a million bad applications? No, I don’t think you do. So, yes, there will be bad applications and no, that is not prima facie evidence of bad faith.
    3. If you apply to vote and you don’t meet the qualifications, you don’t get to vote. That’s why we have a Board of Elections in every county. What’s the big fucking deal here?
    4. If you want to get your knickers in a twist, worry about the people who are going to be denied the right to vote who are qualified and were registered before they were illegally kicked off the rolls.

  5. democommie


    I think for Exador that your item 4 is not a concern. Those voters denied the right will, as per usual, be the marginalized–not good, decent patriots.

  6. Well, when the Crazy Christianists win and the rest of us are all rounded up and set to Bible Reeducation Camps, Exador will be standing on our side of the fence, so let him blather.

  7. And pity the man, he’s had his head laid open this week to the tune of eleven stitches…

  8. Though, to his “credit,” he used it as an opportunity to bag on Latin@s. The man is nothing but himself, that’s for sure.

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