No More Palin Pity Party

Rebecca Traister sums up Palin perfectly.  My favorite quote:

“Like everyone else, I can barely take the waves of embarrassment that come with watching someone do something so badly. Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem, Sofia Coppola acting in “The Godfather: Part III,” Sarah Palin talking about Russia — they all create the same level of eyeball-squinching discomfort.”



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2 responses to “No More Palin Pity Party

  1. bridgett

    I can’t look at her. I go in the other room and listen and what I hear is an average student bullshitting her way through a presentation she began preparing way too late.

  2. democommie


    I think we’re used to the GOP cynically playing to the credulous boobs to get their puppet in power, but their new twist is having that puppet be a credulous boob. Oops, I forgot about Bushkins; my bad.

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