What Is Up With The Clash?

I tried and tried to find a Youtube video of the Clash to share here today.  Finally, I figured out that on all the Clash videos, it says “embedding disabled by request.”  Is this some copyright thing?  If so, how stupid.  What on Earth can you be protecting?  Its not like anyone is out buying The Clash’s music these days…




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2 responses to “What Is Up With The Clash?

  1. Actually there’s probably some renewed interest in The Clash because Mick Jones’ new project, Carbon/Silicon, has taken off pretty well, but The Clash is pretty legendary anyhoo even without that.

    However, I have two theories for the hardcore step-on… their label was CBS, which has been one of the worst of all the biggies about threats and the like.

    And my other guess, (B) – the Strummer estate.

    It’s interesting what happens to music once an artist dies and their family (or whoever) gets hold of the spoils of their art. I first noticed this on Napster a few years ago when looking to download some Who tracks. If you’re a Napster subscriber, you can download pretty much the entire Who catalog at no charge… except for any John Entwistle-penned tracks. You have to pay extra for those.

    I’ve noticed it a couple times since with some similar situations, can’t remember which bands tho.

  2. democommie


    I think that’s pretty much right. I heard not too long ago that a company was trying to get a song by the “Doors” and one of the former band members refused to sign off on it, even though he’s not particularly well to do (he doesn’t feed on the corpse–so to speak–by doing “Doors” shows). And, back when I still owned the arrogance to aurally torture my fellow man, I found that some artists’ music was never available for karaoke.

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