Debate Wrap Up

Just a few quick thoughts before I head to bed…

Palin was VERY well coached.  Also, props to her for memorizing her talking points.  Beyond that, nothing substantive, though she will continue to thrill what remains of the Republican base.

Biden was cool, and disciplined.  No question he has the requisite experience and demeanor.  A few times, he visibly held himself in check, though it made him look less forceful in his convictions.  I laughed at the “truly a bridge to nowhere” comment, and was glad to see him address this ridiculous “Maverick” meme.

Maybe Palin “stopped the bleeding”, but she sure as hell better not do any interviews that aren’t on Fox.  Also, I think the whole “folksy charm” strategy has played itself out.

A friend of mine called and said he’d still do her.  So, theres that.



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3 responses to “Debate Wrap Up

  1. The Missus

    Your friend should watch her on high-def, I think
    he might reconsider.

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  3. democommie

    I liked this (from HuffPo’s Arianna H.)

    “The home-spun homilies have to go,” Martha Stewart told me. “And, oh my god, words do have ending consonants.”

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