This Is Leadership

Read This.    Agree or disagree, tell your constituents why you vote the way you do.



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5 responses to “This Is Leadership

  1. Yeah, he was talking live with an NPR reporter yesterday about his giving up my seat remark when the final vote came in. He was deadly silent on air and finally was pretty shaky when he said he hoped the predictions didn’t come true.

  2. democommie

    And of course the reptilicans are NOT trying to make political hay out of having failed to deliver votes on a bill THEIR pretendsident asked for.

    I’ve read some comments around the blogosphere questioning Nancy Pelosi for bringing up a bill she couldn’t deliver the votes for. She delivered what she said she would (and another 20) Boehner fell short of his commitment and now he wants to blame her. Fuck that lying fuck.

  3. Fuck that lying fuck.

    I think i have my first man-crush. (Not that theres anything wrong with that)

  4. The Missus

    Demo, you have a wonderful way of cutting through bullshit. I love it.

  5. democommie

    Mack & The Missus:

    I’m so enraged about the nonsense that we have to put up with from Bushco that you can’t see it on my already red face, but I’m blushing!

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