A Word To You Gardeners

The other day, I went to a farm up in Springfield to buy hay for the winter.  The man I met there was one fine human being.  Not only did he sell me quality hay at an affordable price, but he took me over to see his garden and chicken coop.  His garden was incredible.  He had tomatos the size of softballs.  Meaty and nearly seedless.  He doesn’t stake his tomatos, he places them in beds and puts straw under his plants, and allows them to grow along the ground by breaking off the tops.  The seeds he uses have been passed down in his family for years.  He gave us some of his tomatos, and promised us seeds this Spring.

I hit the motherload.  More later.  Oh, I forgot, he claims these tomatos are low acid.  we’ll let y’all know. They were delicious.



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2 responses to “A Word To You Gardeners

  1. My father-in-law never staked his either and always had more than he needed. Of coure, he planted 50-100 plants each year, too.

  2. nm

    Takes a lot of space, though.

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