My Thoughts In Three Paragraphs

Quick hits:

1.  If ol “Hank” Paulson was across the table from me in a poker game, and went “all in”, I’d bet all my chips he was bluffing.  Have you seen his face?  Terror.  At least he is not alone.  I’m scanning the faces and body language of the various officials pushing for this bail-out, and it is too easy to read them.  They are unsure what to do, and fearful of doing nothing.  I’ve decided, after thinking about it all weekend, that I am against the bail-out under almost any circumstances.  I want the FDIC fully funded if the banks fail, but the Corporations that are in trouble should pay the price.  Whatever that price is.  Perhaps a full-scale purge is what this country needs to get it’s priorities straight.

2.  I hope he doesn’t mind, but I have to mention my friend John Lamb.  He called on Saturday to talk a little, and i got so tickled watching him tie himself in knots trying to figure how to ask me if I was a “person of Faith.”  He finally just asked me if i considered myself a Christian.  I told him I did indeed consider myself a Christian, but that almost no other Christian would agree.  No matter, and I only bring this up because of this very cool post from Margaret Cho, shared by The Recovering Baptist.  There is a great deal of truth in the post, but if you are squeamish about language, don’t read it.  Period.

3.  I really hope the events of this past week bring more interest in cooperative living.  I’d love to see more sharing of talent and resources, more planning in our lives, and, in general, a slower, more deliberative approach to how we treat ourselves and each other.



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6 responses to “My Thoughts In Three Paragraphs

  1. The Missus

    Don’t sweat the “bail out” I emailed Bart Gordon. I begged him not to cave in to the demands of the Bush administration. What could go wrong?

  2. Mack:

    I was raised Cath-O-Lick and got away from that as quickly as was possible. I didn’t go to church for about 35 years and then, for about 5 years I went to a Unity church. Unity is very, very loose and I was pretty much okay with it–and the choir was fun.

    Since I’ve moved to upstate NY I am back to being unchurched and, to be honest, pretty okay with it. Where I was somewhat agnostic for a long time, I lean much more towards atheism these days. But, I think Jesus (or whoever he might have been) was a great man with wonderful ideas. I know plenty of Sunday christians, most of whom are decent folks. The fundies strike me as being scared to death of life, what a waste of time. If only they could do it quietly and leave the rest of us alone–I know, that’s not in the cards.

  3. Mack, I just posted a link to a site that is collecting markup comments on the buyout bill and will pass them on to Congress, in the unlikely event Bart lets The Missus down.

  4. Oh, John Lamb. I’ll have to scratch him off my pagan baby-eating naked romp in the woods invitation list, I guess.

  5. The Missus

    So Bart emailed me back, I’ll share a portion

    I will not support a blank check that carries with it no oversight, no relief for middle class taxpayers who were the unintended victims of this collapse, and no real promise that this is an investment rather than a gift. The risky behavior of those who preyed on the subprime market should not be rewarded. I want to know that any investment made is staying here in America and not lining the pockets of investors in China.

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