FGF: Hey Voorhies, Eat This!

Jim V and I Hi-jack a tradition, start a meme, and generally wreak havoc on the losers Feel Good Friday.

Hows that taste, bitches?

Von Supermousey’s favorite band, who sing in German, translated for you what can’t hear the words good.



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10 responses to “FGF: Hey Voorhies, Eat This!

  1. heartbreaktown

    PROOF that lyrics don’t matter! I’m gonna stop stressing.

  2. Mack:

    zehr gut. Nein, nicht zehr gut–ausgezeichnet.

  3. Happy to help, Heartbreak.

    Demo- I think you wrote: Very good, no, not very good, ……………….?

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  5. Mack:

    “Very good, no, not ‘very good’, excellent!”

    ausgezeichnet has always been one of my favorite words auf deutsch.

    I went and found the song in question with subtitles in German and Dutch. Strangely enough, it’s sorta: mensch meets fraulein, they have some differences, they wind up in the same room at the hotel.

  6. Don’t tell Supermousey, but i kinda like this band.

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  8. at least Joe was trying to speak English with an acid accent.

  9. Mack, I know! I’ve been making fun of her for listening to that band for ages and then the other day she made me listen to them on her iPod and I was all prepared to mock away and I was forced to admit that they just don’t suck.

    It’s not my type of music, but it’s not bad at all.

    Kids today. Don’t they know they’re supposed to listen to terrible music their parents just don’t get?

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