When The Web Fails

My desktop has been invaded by something called:  win/32 virtumonde or something close to that.  Its a vicious form of malware.  I’ve googled and googled, but there is so much bullshit info out there, there is no way to tell what info is accurate.  My concern is that this strain of virus might find its way into my network, and infect my laptop.  Is this possible?

Whats really weird, is that when I try to access any websites that contain the words PC, tool, malware, virus, etc…it re-directs me to some spam site.

Unless I hear from someone soon, I just plan to format my desktop and be done with it.



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16 responses to “When The Web Fails

  1. bridgett

    It’s a virus that’s stuck in your computer’s memory. A simple reboot won’t do it — you’ll need to do a forced reboot to get it all the way out. Then I’d suggest clearing out all the crap DLL files. I’m not a PC user, though. Maybe this isn’t the time to mention that Apple’s browsers are not troubled by viruses.

  2. bridgett

    Formatting the harddrive is, I think, overkill…

  3. Well, yes, it is a pc. I know Macs have way less viruses written for them, but isn’t that because of their small market share?

    I can’t find any info that is not somehow tied to buying something to “protect” me.

  4. You can use either the free version of AVG or the free version of Avast to clean this virus, I think. If you have my cell number, give me a call and I can help you out.

    Otherwise, email me or IM me with google talk and I can help.

  5. AVG layed down on me on this one. Unless i need 8.0

    But I’d have to download that onto a flash drive to install, since I keep getting re-directed away from AVG site by this virus. Its a bitch

  6. nm

    Mack, don’t you have Norton Anti-Virus or something similar? Just tell it to isolate and kill the virus. If you don’t have an anti-virus program, shame on you. But the solution might be to buy one, install it, and let it clean your computer for you.

  7. bridgett

    To be fair, Apples shipped with OSx (a MS crapazoid product) have been getting viruses and causing Apple to go into overdrive on security. How successful that’s been depends on who you talk to. Most Apple users don’t realize that they need to have and use anti-virus software so they tend to wind up with gorgeous looking doorstops when something goes wrong.

    Only part of the secret is crappy market share. The other way is platform — the UNIX base makes a difference in how Apples store info and the way in which their browsers work.

  8. Also, because your wife works for the 800 lb gorilla in Nashville, you have access to free anti-virus and free anti-spyware software through said gorilla to use on your home system. It might be worth checking to see if they have anything that you can download from them that might help.

  9. Silly Apple-PC fights aside, you should keep this in mind and consider a Mac when you finally upgrade. My anecdotal evidence is that the computer problems in my family have dropped off sharply as the migration to Mac has spread.


    It didn’t catch it.

  11. Perhaps this has already been mentioned but …. you could get a Mac ….

    Just sayin’ …


  12. My PC laptop is fine. Its the desktop. Wpould using a different browser help with the re-direction?

  13. nm

    Mack, since you already have anti-virus software, here’s what you do: (1) if you have a weekly or monthly virus-update service, do that immediately. If the virus has just gotten out, it should be on the latest update list. Once you have updated, do a cleanup; or (2) your software probably includes a way for you to isolate the virus even if it can’t kill it, so do this and send the info about it to the anti-virus-software people and they will identify it for you and give you a fix; or (3) if you don’t subscribe to that kind of service, upgrade to the latest version of your anti-virus software, which will include running an update to include the very latest viruses, and then run a cleanup. And if it’s (3) get yourself a subscription to weekly updates. It costs almost nothing, runs automatically when you’re not using the computer, and will prevent future problems.

  14. Use Firefox as a browser. It works great, and the install will transfer all your favorites over automatically. No more re-directs.

    Also, Ad-aware, from Lavasoft, is free on the web.

  15. EX, been using Firefox for years. I’m telling everyone the same thing. I use all appropriate safeguards. You can’t just “sweep” this off your system with free or paid programs. This one is a bitch to get rid of.

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