Totally Gratuitous FGF

One of my favorite One Hit Wonders:

A friend of mine once remarked of this video “doesn’t it bother you that none of those girls can dance?”

I said, “wait, there was dancing?!!”



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12 responses to “Totally Gratuitous FGF

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  2. Is FGF Feel Good Friday?

  3. i didn’t see any dancing either.

  4. nm

    Ugh. That’s as bad as the BeeGees, and it was at the time.

  5. NM, you cannot, will not, shall not kill my buzz today. Can’t be done.

  6. democommie


    I thought, “No! Robert Palmer’s, “Addicted To Love” was not his only hit “(in fact it was a long way from his best effort) . I’m glad to see it wasn’t that. I remember that song as being much, mercifully much, shorter.

  7. I saw that, NM! Stop it! đŸ˜‰

  8. nm

    I’m sorry, Ginger. It’s just that Mack gets all high and mighty about the BeeGees (as is only proper, of course), and then he puts up this?!? Which makes me wonder what his and the primary wife’s song is, ya know?

    Mack, I’m glad you’re buzzed. Sincerely. You deserve a good buzz. But whatever you’re smoking today, I don’t want any.

  9. NM, its good to see someone that knows their limitations. One day, I’ll get the cool kids to let you hang out for a bit.

  10. nm

    You know some cool kids? You mean besides the ones who go to school with Supermousey?

  11. I used to love that song!!!
    I have green eyes, so that didn’t hurt any, either!

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