His Worldview?

I’m sold.  Lets go ahead and give her the codes now.

I told you so….

EDITED TO ADD:  Oh, how I wish he would have asked for her thoughts on the situation in Freedonia…Should we establish relations with Rufus T. Firefly?

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17 responses to “His Worldview?

  1. That was the most painful piece of theater I’ve ever seen. She tried hard to suppress the “oh-my-gawd-I’m-in-deep-shit” panic but you could see it all over her face as she realized she had nothing but empty platitudes to save her.

  2. I hope he asks her questions on the constitution, such as, do you know what the 14th amendment is?

  3. I literally could not watch it. I was like “They gave you to Charlie Gibson and you’re fucking up this bad?!”

    Yes, let’s declare war with Russia, because nothing says “good idea” than going to war with a country that has one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons around.

    Have the Republicans already forgotten the Cold War?

  4. democommie


    More like Shitinfania.

    Charlie Gibson:

    “Well, Governor, what do you think of the Bush Doctrine.”


    “I’m so glad you asked. I think that the “Bush doctorin’ ” is as good in this great, free and oil soaked state as anything you can get in one of them fancy pants, lower 48 hospitals. Now, then, weren’t we going to talk about that russian putain?”

  5. The Missus

    On Fridays Morning Joe,
    Joe Scar & Peggy Noonan are pretending they do not to know what the Bush Doctrine is. Jeez!

  6. democommie

    The Missus:

    That’s fine, it will be a nice clip to play when they claim that Bushco’s invasion of IraqIranSouthOssetia was justified.

  7. At the least, it’d be nice to hear that the folks who have been supposedly teaching her all about international politics were fired after that performance. I mean, you’re supposed to be schooling someone on how to sound like a leader of the free world and you don’t bother to bring her up to speed on what our current approach to dealing with the world is and what it’s called?

  8. nm

    Look, I knew she was relatively unprepared (for a national politician) on questions of foreign policy. But I didn’t think that meant that she was less prepared than I am. Unless it’s answering questions she’s not prepared for, which is a different kind of problem.

  9. nm

    Mack, honey, don’t you think you’re overusing that line just a tad?

  10. I’m sticking with it all day. It brings me enormous pleasure, buzzkiller.

  11. Megan

    Wait but I thought she had lots of experience on foreign policy because she “lives up there near Russia.” Didn’t I hear someone say that somewhere??

    I am quitting the U.S. if they get elected.

  12. democommie

    According to this website:


    “Little Diomede, Alaska has a population of 146. It is 2.5 square miles in area. There are 42 children in the school. Nobody drives to work. Big Diomede is a whopping 26 square miles. On a clear day you can see the Island of Big Diomede from the western shore of Little Diomede. Therefore Sarah Palin is capable of negotiating with Putin and Sakashvili to peacefully settle the violent conflict that has been burgeoning in the separatist enclave of South Ossetia.”

    I guess that would mean that at least 146 Alaskans have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin.

    but this website:


    done by Michael Palin (no relation–thankfully!) does not explore that subject.

  13. bridgett

    People like her (proud of what they don’t know, arrogant about what they do) give homeschooling a bad name.

  14. Well, I wouldn’t have realized that the Bush Doctrine meant supreme overlordish invasion of anyone we want but I wouldn’t have tried to fake it either. Hell, it was only Cherlie.

    BTW, this is an excellent example of answer the question you wish they’d asked: tinyurl.com/5vn8s2

  15. There’s nothing better than a Marx Brothers reference. Thank you.

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