Almost Had Goat Stew For Dinner

Forgot to tell this story…

The other day, one of our goats (actually named Billy) was standing in the horse feeding trough, scratching one of our geldings on the behind.  He would turn his head slightly so that he could scrape Buddy’s hind leg and rear-end with his horns.  Apparently, this relaxed Buddy the horse a great deal.  In fact, his state of mind might have saved Billy’s life.  I was watching this from a distance, when I realized that Billy was becoming entangled in Buddy’s long tail.  Sure enough, when Buddy was ready to move along, he eased away from the trough, dangling a very surprised goat behind him.

This put me in a tough position.  I had to hurry over and untangle the goat without startling Buddy, because if he took off running, he would surely kick Billy to death.  I couldn’t even call to him, because i was afraid if he turned to face me, he might swing Billy around so hard that it would spook him.  Fortunately, The Primary Wife was nearby, and saw me motioning her to ease up to Buddy and hold him still.  She did so, and I was able to free Billy from Buddy’s tail before he got hurt.

I just want to say that if you are ever inclined to start breeding horses, start with a smart, confident breed of quarter-horse.  Ours are descendants of Continental King and Doc Olena.    In a tight spot, you want horses to trust you as much as they trust their own instincts.  I was proud of Buddy that day.


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  1. democommie


    I guess starting with “smart” goats isn’t a possibility. Well, at least nobody got hurt, although the goat probably felt sheepish for his horsing around.

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