Why I’m Relaxed

I received phone calls and emails this week from like-minded souls wondering “what on Earth are we going to do about this Palin woman?”

My answer, from now on, is this:  Nothing.  Shes either had her 15 minutes, or she is going to be our next Vice-President.  For the type of game the GOP has to play to win, she was a brilliant pick.  Note, please, Palin was a strategic pick, not for her views on the issues, or her record as Mayor or Governor, and certainly not for her intelligence, but because she is a woman, and a Christian. Any criticism of her can be easily spun into an attack on God and Motherhood.  This is what our opponents do, and quite well.  So stop playing their game.

Lets look at the map of the electoral college, shall we?  Lets start with those states “in the bag.”  Out west, its Calif, Oregon, and Washington.  The Southwest?  New Mexico.  There are toss-up states out there that I’m not counting on to win:  Colorado and Nevada.  If we get either one, McCain loses.

Supposedly, these are the “toss up” states:  Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virgina, North Carolina, and Indiana.  (Indiana?!! Really?)  Of those, we take Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and either N.C. or Virginia, we win.  Even if we lose Florida and Ohio.

We will not win this thing focusing on Palin.  There is no Lakoffian counter punch to throw, so why engage? Personally, I think she self-destructs unless they manage to keep her away from the press until November.

We turn-out, we win.  Hopefully, we are lawyered-up in the key precincts, just in case, but if we don’t set records for turnout, we don’t deserve to win.  Everything else is bullshit.

Sean Braisted summed it up nicely, and is the Quote of the Day:

Seriously, if shit like this gets traction, we will prove that the concept of democracy is a failure, and we might as well all learn Mandarin.



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10 responses to “Why I’m Relaxed

  1. I’m glad you’re chilling with this, I’m concerned that it’s over unless Johnnie Boy and Sarah Belle screw up. Those younglings with no home phones that don’t get polled are going to have to come out of the woodworks to pull this rabbit out of the donkey.

  2. Great point. One thing my partner and I are doing is identifying at least one other person who has not voted in a while and makign sure they vote. We have found three people and we are scheduling time to take them to early vote with us. Can you imagine the turn out if everyone did such a simple thing? It would double. The effect of doubling the vote for either side anywhere is a recipe for victory.

  3. bridgett

    I spent yesterday afternoon and evening working GOTV, putting folks in the car that could not get to the polls any other way and helping them figure out where to go (we’ve redistricted recently). The Democratic primary up here was really competitive and we finally got some decent turnout.

    I’m in a machine town, true, but here’s how we do it — on my block and its surrounding areas, I’m the only person who has a car available to me all day. So, I am responsible for going around about a week before the election and knocking on doors (or calling…but showing up is more effective) and asking “Do you plan to vote? Do you know where your polling place is and the hours of polling? Do you need assistance getting to the polling place?” I’ve got about thirty or forty families that I cover. If they say they need a ride, I schedule them in whenever they can make it. I show up, I take them to the polls, I wait around while they vote, I ask them if they need to make any other stops (grocery, drug store…especially if they are elderly, they sometimes like to stay out a little longer) and then I take them back home. It takes about an hour to walk around and ask, it takes another couple of hours to drive. Overall, it costs me maybe $10 in gas. I get to know my neighbors and I help people exercise their rights. What’s better than that?

  4. bridgett

    Oh, and I don’t inquire about who they are voting for. I don’t get a list from any organization. I just do this because it’s something that we talked about that needed doing at our neighborhood meeting.

  5. democommie


    I agree and I don’t. It is important that Obama and Biden focus on telling the truth. It is also important to not just let the reichwing spew their lies without any counterpoint. But, we can agree to disagree on this.

    “We will fight them in the art galleries, we will fight them at the Panera’s (Starbucks, Peets, Seattle’s Best); we will fight them at the singer/songwriter concerts–and we shall never, ever surrender.”

    Winston Churchkey

  6. nm

    It’s also not out of line to attack Palin for incompetence. She seems to have Bush’s problem of screwing administration up pretty badly (see http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122065537792905483.html for one example) and I don’t think it’s a mistake to point out that McCain is putting a fuck-up a heartbeat away….

  7. Demo and NM, right. I am not advocating silence at all, but I know quite a few people that are wringing their hands over this whole election. I also think that we can catch Palin in bed with a live monkey, and without turn-out, it don’t matter.

  8. democommie


    We certainly agree on that. I’m now going to go looking for the list of “Sexedup Primate” rental agencies.

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  10. bridgett

    I would not be relaxed about Michigan if I were you.

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