Did ESPN Reporter Even Watch The Game?

Heres the exhaustive coverage of this upset:

It was Vanderbilt’s first win over a nationally ranked team at home since 1992. The Commodores pulled this one off with superior special teams play, physical football up front offensively when they had to have it and grit.

This was a huge win for Bobby Johnson and his program. I’m headed to talk with Johnson and his players, so check back later for several updates.

On the flip side, a devastating loss for South Carolina, which has real problems offensively.

Ok, heres a few stats:

S.C. passing yards:  233 (39 attempts, 23 comp, 2 picks)

Vandy:  90

S.C. rushing yards:92 (29 carries)

Vandy:  135  (41 carries)

Time of possession:  Dead even (ok, 4 seconds more for S.C.)

Vandy had one less turnover, and, well, won by one score.

My point is that the Vandy DEFENSE, on the field for almost the entire first half, played tough at the line.  I believe there were two sacks, one of which stopped a drive that looked certain to put up points.

The comments I’ve read seem to point to the S.C. QB (Smelly) as the problem.  Maybe I’m old school…but if you intend to throw the ball to score, you had better establish yourself first with your run game.  They tried, and the Vandy defense pushed back hard all 4 quarters.  I’m not dissing our offense,they put up 24 points, scoring once wth a gorgeous pass play.  But special teams play?  Was the reporter high?  We averaged  around 5 yards a punt.  To be fair, we blocked a FT try and that was a game changer…but i go back to our stellar line play, which sets up blocked kicks, fumbles, and picks.  I say credit where credit is due.



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2 responses to “Did ESPN Reporter Even Watch The Game?

  1. democommie


    Perhaps he was a classmate of Sarah Palin’s, at one of the several institutions of higher learning which she attended over six year to receive her degree in sports journalism with a concentration in family values and foreign relations.

    I’ve been asked to push this around the internets tubes:


    I’m sorry if I’ve politicized this thread, but since I can’t stand Steve Spurrier I don’t care if his team was mugged in the locker room. If he lost, it’s all good.

  2. No worries, Man. Ha. Thats a great video. BTW, when are you coming out to tn? We have work to do…

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