This Is For “Rock Solid”

Hey bud, it ain’t La Villa Strangiato…but here it be:



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7 responses to “This Is For “Rock Solid”

  1. It is tough to beat YYZ. Why are these guys NOT in the (bogus) Rock & ROll HoF?

  2. Cuz Aunt B. has actively lobbied against them for years. She can be petty that way.

  3. democommie


    I don’t do a lot of Rush, just so much other stuff to listen to. I’m only halfway through the “Symphonic Kenny G (with special guest Michael Bolton)”.

    I’ll vote for them if you’ll vote for Warren Z.

  4. The Missus

    Demo, Unfortunately Mack has little use for Warren. Shame.

  5. democommie

    The Missus:

    Damn. Too bad. I can certainly understand though. I like Warren’s music and I think that he, like John Hyatt, did a lot of great writing that he doesn’t get credit . But Warren sure was a screwed up guy. Oh well!

  6. My heart is softening to Rush just a little bit after seeing them blow their own song on Rock Band. Not enough to ever listen to them, but enough to stop rolling my eyes when they come on the radio.

  7. What’s this I see? You have little use for Zevon?


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