From a commenter at The Daily Show:

Two people have just jumped the wide, blurry line separating “maverick” and “lunatic.” McCain went first, using only a few hours and checklist politics to pick someone that could easily inherit the presidency. Palin followed, her acceptance showing levels of ignorance and hubris that would embarrass even George W. Bush. With such jumping abilities, both candidates should be shoo-ins for the next Olympics. However, I predict they will settle for silver this November.


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2 responses to “Succinct

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  2. democommie


    Given that Karl Rove was involved in the selection process (that seems to be the buzz) then maybe he wanted her to be a hearbeat away from it. Just so long as JohnnyPOW doesn’t infarct before November.

    The more I read about this woman the more I wonder if they literally wrote names on scraps of paper and threw them into a hat.

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