If its Palin

A commenter over at Ezra’s house nails it:

. McCain wants to pull in Hillary voters, so he thinks he’ll accomplish this by picking a younger, prettier, but immensely less-qualified woman than Clinton to get the promotion she didn’t? Becuase, you know, middle-age women LOVE that story?



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10 responses to “If its Palin

  1. it is Palin and go (sorry) here to see if he’s right: http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/

  2. My comment got sucked up by the spam engine. Take a gander at the comments at TN guerrilla women. There’s excitement at the prospect of voting for Palin.

  3. The comments section there reminds me of the old AOL chatrooms, only dumber.

  4. maybe so, but this is good for a lauch: http://tinyurl.com/66gu3h

  5. bridgett

    Is egalia still even running TGW? I can’t imagine that she’d be excited about Palin’s policy positions.

  6. The Missus

    Palin’s husband works for BP, great we need more oil people in the white house.
    Andrea Mitchell just said Palin smoked pot, but only in Alaska when it was legal, Ha Ha.

  7. nm

    The comments at TGW were long ago taken over by PUMAs. You know, the real ones: Republicans with a racist tinge, not the imaginary disaffected feminists they are pretending to be. So I imagine that the commenters indeed have good things to say, but I don’t know whether Egalia’s Obama-hatred will trump the reality of Palin.

  8. democommie

    That Sarah Palin is kinda hot in a governance sortaway. Cindy McCain is probably thrilled that JohnnyPOW will have a young, intelligent, attractive team mate to strategize with in the late hours at whatever hotel they’re staying for the night. Oh, my.

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