S’cuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

I’m pretty sure I inspired this website.  My friends find it funny that I seldom, if ever, hear the lyrics to most songs.  I don’t think I was always this way, since I definitely had a bustle in my hedgerow, and wasn’t at all alarmed.

Last night was no different.  The Primary Wife turned 26 last night, and to celebrate, we went to see these guys.

Wow.  haven’t had that much fun since I saw dada live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Unbelievable guitar work.  I believe Rolling Stone’s review said “brilliance on nylon strings” or something close.  When i went to pee, the guy at the urinal next to me remarked “you know, you hear some guys play, it makes you want to go home and practice, these guys make me want to go home and sell my gear.”  Turns out, he works for Gibson.  Seriously, if you wield an axe for a living or just for fun, catch these guys if can.  They are headed to Louisville today, in case anyone wants to see them this weekend.

BTW, I mentioned the whole misheard lyrics thing because I didn’t understand a word they sang.  Their front man was energetic as hell, and belted out what I’m sure were compelling yet poignant songs about brotherhood, love, the spirit of the Southwest, and Barack Obama, but he could have just been reading a french toast recipe for all I understood.  Didn’t matter. I danced every song and screamed myself hoarse.

Man, its a long drive home from The Mercy Lounge, though.



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3 responses to “S’cuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

  1. democommie


    What Aunt B. Said. Excellent stuff. I saw Geoff Achison (Australian, currently living in Atlanta) at our local “Harborfest”. He basically put on a clinic. One guitar, borrowed amp, no gizmos on the floor and he rarely touched his amp but he made that thing scream, growl, cry, laugh and it was all excellent. I was talking to his manager and she said that he is AS GOOD on acoustic. I would love to hear that. Check out “Delta Moon” (they and Geoff were on the same ticket–same management). The lap steel player in DM is the fella who wrote “Money Changes Everything”–fun music.

  2. I am so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!!!

    Happy Birthday to the Mrs.!!!

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