Let Go Of The Remote, Bill

So, before I have to go do stuff today, I decided to read a little about the convention.  I got so sick of watching Mika (Alan Colmes) Brzezinski play subordinate to the smug and smarmy Joe that I turned off my set in disgust. (BTW, Mika, you haven’t been relevant since the “Paris Hilton” incident, in June 2007) Anyway, I’m reading this report about how Bill Clinton is “disappointed” by the role hes been assigned for the convention.  I’ll say right off the bat that this Obama vs Clinton supporters thing is largely a creation of a bored, lazy, and desperate press.  That said, if Bill is unhappy that hes not getting a chance to shine this week, well, I say too damn bad.

Mr. Clinton, you had your legacy in the bag early on.  History would have looked favorably on you even after the news of the BJ went public, IF, I say, IF you had done two things:

Tell whomever first asked you about Ms. Lewinski to kindly f%$k off.


Admit it, and endure a few weeks of unfavorable coverage.

Instead, by denying it, you virtually erased every single one of your administration’s accomplishments, and, brought down the entire Democratic Party, allowing the moron W to sneak into the Oval office.  Even after that, we loved you.  We bought your books.  Many of us flocked to hear you speak, and made you rich in the process.  We even gritted our teeth and smiled when you globe-trotted around with Bush Sr., since you were doing important work.

Then, instead of staying above the nonsence inherent in the Primary process, you wandered around campaigning for your wife.  Didn’t do much to improve your stature as an ex-president.  Now, when tens of thousands of new donors, volunteers, and VOTERS decide to nominate Obama, you send word through your aides that you are unhappy with your role at his convention?   Beyond arrogant.

It ain’t about ya, anymore, Bill.  You simply aren’t in control anymore.  The Party is moving away from a top-down model, thanks, in large part, to Howard Dean, and now by Barack Obama.  Jimmy Carter is still the Party Elder, and rightly so.  If you must have some of the spotlight, then use your time to congratulate the guys doing the heavy-lifting right now, they have earned a right to be there.  Your wife should speak.  You should not.



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6 responses to “Let Go Of The Remote, Bill

  1. As much as I love and adore Bill

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Mack.

  2. nm

    Frankly, I thought his subconscious motivation during the campaign was more to undermine his wife than to support her (that ego, ya know). And this, really, is more of the same. Look, she was the candidate. Yet she manages to be classy in defeat, has released her delegates ahead of time, has asked Charlie Rangel to put pressure on the NY delegates to vote for Obama first time around, is doing everything a defeated rival can be expected to do, so poor Bill has to have a public tantrum (“oh noes! the convention is disrespecting Clintons!”) in a way that will get every TV talking head in the country revert right back to Obama vs. Clinton again again again. What’s his emotional age level, five?

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  4. What’s his emotional age level, five?

    Seems that way, doesn’t it? He just can’t let go of his ego.

  5. I agree with NM. The next time Clinton runs for President, she’d be well served to send Bill on a long tour of Europe or something.

  6. democommie

    Just give Bill some ribs, a few RC colas and about 100 hours of XXX, that’ll keep him busy. Oh, yeah, disable the “FF” function on the remote

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