Two Baptists, A Catholic, and A Mormon Walk Into A Bar…

I guess Obama was merely biden his time…(wasn’t that inevitable?)

I think I told The Missus my gut told me Biden weeks ago.  Compelling personal story.  Unbeatable foreign policy bona fides.  Catholic.  Helps deliver Pennsylvania.  Balances whatever “financial cred” Romney brings.  Awesome debater.  Gets things done.  Knows how to shepard a bill through the Congressional gauntlet.

I’m tickled by this choice.  Hillary was safe, probably a sure win.  I’m glad he picked who he wanted.  Heres another reason to love this pick…he demolishes a rival while still chewing his breakfast.  Unleash the hounds!

Edited to add: The Primary Wife approves of this selection.  Good enough for me.



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12 responses to “Two Baptists, A Catholic, and A Mormon Walk Into A Bar…

  1. I like your pun, but Jon wins with “The Dude a-Bidens”. 😉

  2. bridgett

    Eh, I have my reservations. Even when you rip off a great speech, you’re still ripping someone off. And, like pretty much every plagiarist I’ve ever busted, this is a guy who had no reason to steal — he had the talent to give a great speech on his own. And do cheaters change? Or is it just in their nature to think it’s ok to cheat? It’s something I struggle with when I teach and I’m going to have to think about it before I get behind the curtain to pull the lever.

    I don’t think anyone else remembers or would care, though, so it’s a good choice. Hell, even NYT’s resident conservative David Brooks begged Obama to do this. Go figger.

  3. That old chestnut? Really?

  4. bridgett

    Really. As I said, it probably doesn’t matter to anyone else, but plagiarism (next to fabricating primary sources) is pretty much the historian’s big sin.

  5. Well, its not entirely trivial, but to me, it pales in comparison to damage done in the past, and the potential for even more in the future, given our other choices.

    The guy has been stand up and stand out his whole life. I don’t agree with some of his votes….show me a candidate i can’t say that about.

  6. bridgett

    What? No one in politics is lily-pure? I’m shocked, shocked…

    The core of it is that I don’t agree with any of McCain’s domestic policy positions and I have stronger reservations about his statesmanship. Biden’s selection doesn’t change those big negatives or turn McCain into someone I can vote for.

  7. democommie

    Mack & Bridgett:

    I don’t like Joe Biden all that much, but I like that he’s been through some shitty moments and didn’t cave. I’m not nuts about his congressional record but he is, after all, a politician.

    Mitt Romney’s “financial cred” is that he’s good at doing a satanic Warren Buffett, buys companies to wreck them. He’s Gordon Gekko without the Dom (as far as we know) and with the creepy stepfordian family. Count on Romney getting bashed for his sons not serving in the military if he should be picked for McCain’s Vice Prophet, excuse me, Vice President.

    Obama could have picked Beelzebub and I would still be voting for him.

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  9. democommie

    Two Baptists, A Catholic, and A Mormon Walk Into A Bar…

    the Catholic orders a martini and the other three want one.

  10. Demo, I’m going to have Aunt B give you smooches. I just can’t bring myself to do it, and you oh so deserve a few.

  11. democommie


    I like money, too. Or, just hitch up the trailer, load it up with some nice 4/4 chestnut or black walnut and come for a visit. Don’t forget your skidsteer.

  12. Nothing says “change” like picking a guy who’s been a senator since 1972.

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