The Author over at Voluntarily Conservative wrote about the shooting in Knoxville minutes after it occurred.  I understand his shock and dismay over what happened, espescially since he lives nearby.  That said, I must take issue with this part of his post:

“The shooter was Hispanic and apparently acted like some sort of gangster after pulling the trigger, walking calmly out of the school.

The suspect’s name is Jamar Siler, and it appears that his sister may have been involved in a shooting earlier this year. (the suggestion is made in the comments)

Now, I’m Hispanic, and I have roughly 12,000 cousins, and not a single one of us is named Jamar.  Its not a common name in the barrio.  Come to think of it, neither is Siler.

That sentence came from somewhere, Sir.  Not only did you feel compelled to identify an ethnicity, but then compounded that error by suggesting he “acted like some sort of gangster.”  What, or who, was your source?

Edited to add:  Well, maybe there was no source.  From a post over there today, regarding Obama’s possible VP pick:

“Yes, folks, today we learn which white man will carry Barrack Hussein Obama’s bags for the next 10+ weeks.”



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5 responses to “Irresponsible

  1. democommie


    Why would they bother looking for the truth when a comment like the one they made is so much juicier.

  2. Has it been reported if he was holding the gun upright or sideways.

    I’ll reserve judgement until then.

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  4. Mack –

    That sentence was the information that I was provided from a witness who did not want to be identified on the Internet.

    Of course, all of the reports now show that the witness’ account was spot-on, and, shockingly, I see no mea culpa on your site.



  5. “Shannon Taylor ” is Hispanic?! And calmly walking out of the school is “gangster”? Huddleston…

    No, forget it.

    John Lamb is right about you. I’ll just leave it at that.

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