Our Money, “Blown” Away



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6 responses to “Our Money, “Blown” Away

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if more people got this?

    It just comes down to talk radio labels, doesn’t it?

  2. democommie


    “Tax and Spend Liberal” is code for “he won’t spend it with our friends in the defense bidness.”

    The GOP lost any cred with thinking people over this issue during the Raygun years. But then again, folks like Bill Hobbes and his ilk are not thinking people.

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  4. Hear hear. What you do is who you are.

  5. The surpluses during the Clinton administration had three causes, none of which were “Bill Clinton” —

    1. The stock market bubble (capital gain tax revenues exploded).
    2. Peace dividend (collapse of USSR, reduction of Navy, etc.).
    3. Most important: GRIDLOCK (i.e., Republican Congress).

    A McCain presidency is unthinkable, but not for this reason. An Obama presidency is unthinkable, for precisely this reason.

    (As you can imagine, I tend to cry myself to sleep these days.)

  6. democommie


    Not only was Ronnie Rayguns the cause of the collapse of communism but he was also responsible for the “Clinton Bubble”–and he was the navigator on a USAAF bomber during WWII–wotta guy! Also, Kip, your analysis segues neatly into why Bushit is not responsible for the tanking economy we currently enjoy. It never ceases to amuse me that folks can blame Clinton for everything that’s gone wrong since at least 1992 and yet credit him for nothing.

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