Paging The Party Leadership

Attention State Democratic party.  We keep losing in the rural areas.  While canvassing last weekend, me and The Missus were blown away by the response to Obama:  Disproportionately positive.  We have a HUGE opportunity to register voters, and solidify our base in areas OUTSIDE of Nashville.  Please notify the County Chairs to get off their collective asses, and get us some tools.  Thank you.



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8 responses to “Paging The Party Leadership

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  3. I think they’re well aware of it. I’ve been volunteering at state party HQ doing phone banking, and they’re having us call rural counties to determine which candidate people are supporting.

    I have to say of all the people I spoke with, it seems pretty split, with the biggest number of people being undecided. Several even said they were considering not voting.

  4. Likely, Beale, you are working with the same database of “previously voted” people. We have an opportunity to register new voters, and besides that, establishing a Party presence permanently in the rural communities is critical. The Republicans just continue to get themselves elected to school boards, city councils, etc. The thing is, you can reach an awful lot of people with less expense out here.

  5. The Missus

    The people we asked if they supported Obama didn’t just say “Yeah” Their whole face lit-up, they were very excited, it was a joy to see. We’ve got to each out to these folks.

  6. democommie

    Goddamned voter registration activists!

  7. Voter registration is a big key, and picking the area to register voters is just as important.

    SB–Do you know if there’s been a big registration drive in North Nashville? I would that would be a key area.

    I can remember sitting (with you?) in 04 at Regals Cinema at 100 Oaks Mall. You also organized volunteers for MRD like I’d never seen. (Freeway blogging, anyone?)

    I think all of us need to be prepared for an onslaught of calls,emails, inquires next week during and after the convention.

  8. The Missus

    I love Freeway blogging!

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