Measuring Up

It was rather humbling for me to realize that unlike me, John McCain, former prisoner of war, would have never gone to the grocery store having left the list at home…

I intend to tell Noggin that John McCain, former prisoner of war, would not leave the toilet seat up in the bathroom he shares with his sister.

And I gotta tell you…that whole “at that moment, we were just two Christians” thingie is suspect as all get out.  Solzhenitsyn, anyone?



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10 responses to “Measuring Up

  1. democommie


    I’m not someone who recently lost any respect he had for McCain. I have disliked the lying, arrogant, opportunistic pos since the first time I heard him speak. He’s never been honest and now that he’s in the national spotlight his penchant for not telling the truth is becoming more apparent.

  2. wait, John McCain has BEEN to a grocery store actually intending to buy groceries there, instead of just campaigning? As if that ever happened.

  3. nm

    I dunno, Mack. It’s not that I necessarily believe that the same thing happened to McCain as happened to Solzhenitsyn. But the fact that it happened once doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen more than once. In fact, such stories are pretty common in situations in which there are large populations of political/religious/ethnic prisoners: the jailer says or does something symbolic meant to indicate fellow-feeling with a prisoner. It’s a way of the jailer taking him/herself off the hook for being part of the prison system, of course, but I can imagine it having great importance and resonance for the prisoner.

    So long as the jailer chooses the right reference, of course. Primo Levi told a story that is either horrifying or mirthful, depending on one’s point of view: a female civilian secretary at Auschwitz once walked past him and whispered: “cheer up — Christmas is coming!”

  4. It was rather humbling for me to realize that unlike me, John McCain, former prisoner of war, would have never gone to the grocery store having left the list at home…


    How dare you even SUGGEST such a thing!!!!!!


  5. I grew up listening to variations on this and other stories told to “solidify” our reasons to become or stay Christian. I’m not buying it.

    I have to wonder why, though, when the Obama camp had to KNOW this story would find its way in…would agree to this forum anyway. How does one compete with that?!!!

  6. nm

    If Christians grow up listening to such stories, doesn’t that make it more likely that individual Christians will take it into their heads to act similarly? I mean, I assume you don’t think that Levi was making up his story — it’s to bizarre to invent, under the circumstances. So evidently that Christian acted on it.

  7. Mack

    Tell me with a straight face, that you don’t find it too damn pat. I think people tell stories, then get it in their heads that it happened to them.

    Its the whole Guiliani thing redux: noun, verb, former prisoner of war.

  8. democommie

    Like Ronnie Rayguns conflating his Hollywood back lot “military service” with actually having been a member of a bomber’s crew in WWII .

  9. nm

    Oh, I don’t find McCain trustworthy in the least. It’s just that the kind of gotcha people are doing to this instance of his reminding us that he was a POW (“it happened to someone else, so it couldn’t have happened to McCain, too”) strikes me as foolish.

  10. democommie


    I got no argument with that. There’s so much other stuff to go after him for.

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