Nathan Bedford Noggin

The little man that lives with us announced this morning that he has decided to start a “club” at his school.  The Primary Wife asked him what the “club” was about, (being, you know, nurturing and all, which is a nice counter balance to my raging patriarchal tendencies) and he explained that at the moment, the only requirement to be in the club was to be “respectful toward the teachers.”  (I know, hes a weird little dude)

So, The Primary Wife then asked him if the “club” had a name, to which he replied, “Oh yea, we’re calling it The Clan.”

It seems that on a few of his online games, teams are broken up into clans, and since he digs games so much, he thought this would be a cool name.  The Primary Wife patiently explained why that name might be considered a tad inappropriate for a school based organization, and I think she convinced him to re-consider.

I told her to inventory the linen anyway.



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12 responses to “Nathan Bedford Noggin

  1. heartbreaktown

    Oh my, that’s too funny.

    Mr. Wonderful’s kid used to have a screen name of Jim Jones and it struck us a little awkward.

    Also reminds me, my ex-brother-in-law from TX, his initials were K.K.K. I had to wonder what on earth his parents were thinking.

  2. democommie


    Well, if they were like some other folks I’ve met, they were prolly thinking “KKKoooll!”. Sorry, low hanging fruit.


    Don’t break the lad’s spirit. Let him call the group his “posse”–that sounds all law’n’order.

  3. heartbreaktown

    Sadly, democommie, there may have been some sickening sympathies (sickathies?) there after all.

  4. As long as he doesn’t spell it with a “k” I guess it’s OK though he might want to make that clear with T-shirts or something.

  5. T-shirts, yes. Hoodies, no.

  6. “respectful toward the teachers” Good grief, you’ve raised a potential Young Republican.

    They could go with Clan of the Gamers or Clan of the Squirrel and it would sound totally different.

  7. democommie

    jim voorhies:

    He’s only a YR if he “respects” them while insisting that they don’t need raises and should teach ID “science”.

  8. Demo, you beat me to it.

  9. the potential is definitely there, tho.

  10. Ya know, Mack, it skips a generation. At least he’ll make enough to support you in your later years.

    Go for “Clan of the good posse”

  11. democommie

    I NEVER agree with Exador, but that looks like a winner.

  12. And who, I ask, doesn’t like a little good posse?

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