QOTD (spit out coffee edition)

I’m not misty-eyed about this. I honestly expect that the crackwhore SUV demographic will get its way, and that if it turned out that you could fill up a truck on babies’ blood, people would gladly sign on. But it won’t stop the desert from sweeping in to reclaim Vegas.

The quote was from the comments section of a thread at Ezra Klein’s house.  I spent the morning reading and hearing about the lastest stunt to come from the frat boys in McCain’s camp….seems they are passing out tire pressure guages in response to Obama’s suggestion that as PART OF A BROADER, COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY POLICY, we all do OUR PART and at least make sure our cars are tuned and our tires are properly inflated.  Woe to the Democrat that suggests we take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and pitch in when faced with a National emergency.

Boy, the GOP loves them some gimmicks and slogans, huh?  Remember the band aids mocking John Kerry’s wounds?  Or, how about when they gleefully rode by with a pair of flip flops hanging out the window of the vehicle?  Hilarious, wasn’t it?  Or, surely you remember the Purple Finger Brigade, right after the first Iraqi “elections.”

I recently was going back and forth with some Conservative, and I explained that nuance is hard for the GOP.  One needs to clear away all the excess verbiage, (you know, words) and come out with a clear, concise, and in no way accurate slogan, in order to reach those people too stupid or too stubborn to read for themselves.  Since most of the problems we face going into the next decade or so are pretty damned complex, we Democrats are going to have to recruit some hacks to help us with our message.

The fact that the media love gimmicks and slogans doesn’t help one bit.  Maybe they have figured out that you have to use just one sentence to summarize a news story for A.D.D. afflicted nation.  I sometimes wonder if we had today’s media during the Project Apollo years, the headline upon their return might have read, “Apollo Flight Ends With Crash Into Ocean.”

Hey…why noy make this a game for today?  How many historic moments might have been “reported” upon differently if the journalistic standards of today were in place then?  Can you think of any?



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10 responses to “QOTD (spit out coffee edition)

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  2. Think of the opportunities this brings, though, if you’re low-minded, like me. Just imagine Barack saying something like “and my opponent’s giving out these pressure gauges. Well, I hate to be the one to tell people this, but there’s no one single answer to this issue and the government can’t solve all your problems.

    If you elect me, the government will do it’s part. But the other side of this is that you have to take some personal responsibility for helping. You need to tune your cars and check your tire pressure. So let’s tell John McCain what to do with these gauges. He obviously doesn’t know.”

  3. The irony is that if everybody ONLY followed Obama’s advice about airing your tires and keeping your car tuned up, we’d save, not just as much, but significantly more gas than we’d be able to drill with offshore drilling which really does seem to be the crux of the GOP energy plan.

    That’s the thing, they are emphasizing only a part of Obama’s energy plan, but even that one single solitary part is a better option than their own plan!

  4. Dolphin, I know! I know. It cracks me up.

    As for my foray into Fox News Headline writing, I pick “Astor Dies in Shipwreck.”

  5. Lincoln never going to plays again.

  6. heartbreaktown

    “Levees break. Citizens of New Orleans cool off from the heat.”

  7. btw, here’s a link (http://gop.cha.house.gov/mediapages/photogallery.aspx?GalleryID=81) to a photo gallery page where the Alliance for Auto Makers sponsored a Tire Pressure event for the Republican led House Administration Committee. The Alliance thought checking tire pressure was important. There’s a post on the Wonk Room about it too http://thinkprogress.org/wonkroom/2008/08/05/auto-alliance-on-tire-inflation/

  8. Well, that’s bizarre. I just came from a friend’s blog where he, too, had a “Quote of the Day” posted:

    “I plant my acorns knowing that I will never live to harvest the oaks.”

    And in the bizarre synergy of the cosmos, I find your two QOD’s oddly similar.

  9. democommie


    I got me some big time ADD, but I’d never vote for McStain. I’m learning disabled, not stupid–or insane.

  10. “Pearl Harbor bombed! What did we do to deserve this? FDR calls for greater foreign aid to Japan.”

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