Bunch Of Thievin Bastards

A little Friday morning sass for Beth and Aunt B:

John Bonham.  Neil Peart. Ginger Baker.  Hell, even Buddy Rich.  I have heard all of these guys pound their way through song after song, and never ONCE pay homage, give thanks to, or even acknowledge the Choctaw Indians.  Yep, the Choctaw, those guys that helped the French launch major payback for Fort Rosalie.

It turns out that the Choctaw had an impressive repetoire of music, most of which was percussion driven, albeit by banging two sticks together.  No matter, they own the genre and their interests should be looked after.

I spoke to a few old chiefs recently…and they find it a little more than curious that many of their shamans would hum loudly during certain rituals…even changing the tone to suit the message.  Perhaps they were celebrating a birth, and the tone would be light and, well, celebratory.  Maybe, just maybe, they were lamenting their impending slaughter, and, well, their humming might take on a more plaintive, dare I say bluesy sound…

I think its plausible that some slaves may have overheard some of this indigenous music, and may have been influenced by it, (and by, say, the Bible) and then slyly incorporated some of what they had heard previously into their own music.  I’m glad they eventually gained their freedom and everything, but all that meant, apparently, was that they could about their thievin unmolested.

Since it seems most if not all tribes in North America migrated her from elsewhere….well, who knows what rythmic banging they heard throughout their journey, then repeated because they liked it…oh sure, they changed a few things, maybe instead of bangin sticks together, they may have banged sticks on rocks…but banged they did, and my research found no evidence of them ever acknowledging those that banged before them.

That kind of lawlessness is probably what brought about manifest destiny and all that.  Karma’s a bitch.



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10 responses to “Bunch Of Thievin Bastards

  1. and the guy who invented the tuba gave no credit to people with excess gas either.

  2. I would just point out that, if anthropologists are right, the indigenous people you champion came, originally from Africa, Africa also being the original homeland of the men from the Mississippi Delta whose music has been ripped off the world over.

  3. nm

    Oh, come on, B, if you’re trying to inject a note of reality here, then you might also note that the similarities between the Black Crowes song and the Rolling Stones song you were comparing go a leeeetle farther than “both use drums” and “both have vocals.”

  4. NM, I’ve got half a mind to just start reposting Mack’s posts with some slight stylistic differences as my own and, when called on it, claiming I was just doing what all artists do. But I’m a little afraid he’d kick my butt.

    It’d almost be worth it, though.

  5. nm

    WRT Miranda Lambert/Steve Earle, all you’d have to do is change the font. I agree that that’s an extreme case, though.

  6. I’m right, y’all are wrong, twas ever thus.

  7. That’s too bad. We were just saying at lunch what a handsome, charming, brilliant, humble man you are, but if we’re wrong and have always been, well then…

  8. democommie

    I am stealing all of mine comments from other more english speaker bloggers.

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