From a post over at Ezra Klein’s joint:

The media hates crusaders. They’re constantly on the lookout to point out their hypocrisy or corruption or preening arrogance. I’ve always assumed this stems from a deep-seated discomfort about having chosen a life of observation over one of action, but whatever the reason, they’re far less offended by power that seeks to further its own interests than power that betrays its class and argues for social change.”



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3 responses to “QOTD

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  2. Hmmm. Interesting. The “life of observation over one of action” phrase resonated with me when I read your outrage fatigue post.

    I wonder if we’ve become so unaccustomed to stopping what we’re doing and thinking to focus on a single issue and take action rather than looking, pointing, and posting this way, then that way and, oh shit, look over there at that too.

  3. democommie

    The media hates everybody, it appears, except themselves. The reality is they really have no politics of their own, or morals, they simply graft on those that they think will sell the most ad minutes or papers.

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