I’ll admit to being way behind the technology curve.  I don’t Tweet, I rarely if ever text, and I don’t use my cell phone to buy stock, adjust the thermostat in my home, or help me locate the nearest half-caf double chocolate latte with sprinkles.  If it ain’t wysiwyg, (check me on the spelling) chances are I cannot do it.  HTML might as well be Greek.  This, probably, has me slated for extinction.  Perhaps rightly so.

But I have to say, in my defense, that I am not a CEO, or a Mayor, or, like this man, a Director of a large Police Dept.  If I was, and still only possessed the I.T. skills of a 6 yr old, I would have at least run it by Supermousey before filing suit against a blog critical of my Department. She would have told me that by doing so, I have now elevated an obscure, poorly written, and largely irrelevant web site to National Martyr status.  Bloggers, lawyers, and journalists will swarm all over this story, and, instead of 30 people a day reading the site, there could be 3000 or more.

I have no opinion on Memphis politics, except to say that I have brushed up against it and it left an ugly stain.  The site could be politically motivated, or just a place for disgruntled city employees to vent.  Doesn’t matter, if they haven’t broken the law by intentionally posting something false with the intent to cause harm.  (my take on libel and slander laws, your mileage may vary).

I’ll be watching this story develop, and so will hundreds of other people, who, save for the egg-headed decision to attempt to force AOL to release the identity behind an email address, would have no clue that  blog existed.

It kinda tickles me that I know more than the head of a large para-military group.  Can I be in charge of something now?

Edited to addA disturbing new trend?


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  1. nm

    Hey, you know more, by their own admission, than several US senators and the presidential candidate of a major political party.

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