A Model For Incremental Irrelevance

I must have really pissed off my friend Ginger when I dissed both her car and Ronald Reagan in the same week.  If she wasn’t hell bent on retribution, why else would she send me a “shared item” featuring yet another painful, pitiful post by Egalia from TGW? See, I took TGW off my reader to spare myself the misery of watching an old friend experience a complete meltdown.

Actually, I don’t really disagree with her on the substance of her post; that the use of beautiful women to hawk merchandise is exploitive and potentially harmful to women.  That said, the post did include a leap of logic of Hobbsian proportions, “used cars, used women, get it?”

Whether or not the ad was over the top is debatable.  But heres the thing, even if it was blatantly, purposefully,  and intentionally harmful, she muted herself with this throw away line:

“probably an Obamanian.”

That has TGW moving from shrill to tragically stupid.  I’m beginning to wonder if Egalia did an apprenticeship with PETA.  You do not serve your cause with cheap shots or offensive stunts.  I’ll admit to enjoying watching irrelevance creep up on Ann Coulter, but I get no joy from this.

Your horse lost.  Every Primary produces a winner and a loser.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and remember which team you play for, ok?



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14 responses to “A Model For Incremental Irrelevance

  1. LOL! You at least could’ve linked me. Sheesh.

    I tease because I love and all of that mushy stuff…

    Seriously, though…I did attach a note to my “shared item” that said “WTF?” and I guess I should put that into context. I do not understand what the hell it had to do with Obama whatsoever. That was beyond all sane logic. Egalia needs a serious vacation.

    Secondly, I didn’t get the sexy woman and the tag line “You know you’re not the first.” and why it has anything to do with selling used cars except to say that it is definitely a slutty way to present BMW. How cheap and, yes, I find it offensive, and you know that I am not a hard core feminist.

    You dis the Bee Gees and it’s all out war…

  2. nm

    There was some good discussion of the ad at Feministing last week.

  3. democommie

    Ginger Snaps:

    The BeeGees’s? They are actually a group that I never could figure out. They had undeniable–I really liked most of their early stuff–talent but the whole disco thing puzzled me. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never had a great talent but I just couldn’t figure out why they went that way.


    There are obviously still some folks who are pissed off or just have badly hurt feelings. I think that there are also a lot of people saying things about “feeling let down”, etc., that are simply reptilican poseurs.

  4. democommie: The Bee Gees went the falsetto route because they loved the sound of The Stylistics and the soul groups that popularized that sound back in the early 70s. It was also suggested by producer Arif Mardin who was working with them on the Main Course album in 1975 on the song “Nights On Broadway”…you know at the end of the song when Barry starts singing “Blamin’ it all…”? They then cut “Jive Talkin'” which became a huge hit in America, and that’s what got the ball rolling with that style.

    uh, too much?

  5. Mack’s post is spot on.

    Like I wrote in the comment section over at egalia’s, she ruined a great, informative post that served her cause(feminism) that might have gotten a lot of [needed] attention had she not put a cheap shot in there about Obama, who had absolutely nothing to do with the BMW ad.

    I understand she’s upset about her candidate not getting the nomination, but to take shots at the candidate who did get the nomination when she writes posts that have nothing to do with him, is so defeating.

    Her site is now (mainly) filled with hate filled PUMAS, Republicans posing as lefties to stir up trouble, and no longer about feminism, unless it relates to Hillary.

    Like you, I scream, ‘Come back, egalia, come back!’

    I’m a misogynist and self hating woman who loves the patriarchy until proven otherwise because I support Obama.

  6. PS–See? We’re all talking about everything EXCEPT the ad that was indeed sexist.

  7. Did I just mix a metaphor? (last paragraph)

  8. nm

    Depends on whether you fell down at the finish.

  9. “probably an Obamanian.”

    Yeah, I’ve got some blog friends who have just gone off the deep end on this one and I don’t get it.

    You know, my guy lost and I’m over it. Okay, John Edwards won’t have broken any ground if he’d won the nomination — another white guy, big deal. Same ol’ same ol’ … I get that people are upset that a woman isn’t the nominee but if that’s the only reason people were supporting her to begin with, well, that’s pretty shallow. Would you switch to Elizabeth Dole or Condoleezza Rice if they were to run for president?

    I want the best *person* for the job. For me that was John Edwards, but I’m happy that it’s Obama.

  10. It’s not a mixed metaphor if you’re talking about polo, is it?

    I’ll just say this. She right now has a post in which she finally gets around to talking about Villegas, which is embarrassing enough–since there was a time when she would have been one of the first to report on this–but even worse, she heard about it from Jezebel, which means she’s not reading local folks so she’s two weeks late.

  11. democommie

    I think most ads are sexist, in one way or another. I haven’t seen the Beemer ad, so I can’t comment on it. I just like to remember the old joke about porcupines and beemers.


    I think I knew that part (at least the rough outline) and I heard somewhere the other day that “Jive talkin” came from something that one of the gents did on his way to work at the studio every morning. I’ll have to see if I can find the reference.

    The falsetto stuff never bothered me. It was just all that disco stuff. I know it made them rich, but I really liked their pre-disco stuff so much more. Of course, I’m a guy who never knew that Warren Zevon played with Don and Phil until I read, “The Life And Dirty Times of Warren Zevon” last year–so my musical historian cred is in the shitter.

    I did get to stand about 30 feet from Bela Fleck and the Sparrow Quartet, taking a lot of badly lit photos while they played for about an hour the other night. After the gig I actually got to talk to them and Del McCrory (sp), all pretty down to earth folks.

  12. nm

    Del was an Edwards guy, too.

  13. Ah, democommie, I can enlighten you…Barry came up with the rhythm of “Jive Talkin'” from the sound the bridge made when they were driving over the 79th Street Causeway over Biscayne Bay from Criteria Studios back to the house they were renting (same house Eric Clapton rented when he recorded there)…

    Gotta question about the Gibbs…I’m your girl. It’s a sickness, really… 😉

  14. Oh, I should let you know that the reason I know the bridge is because I’m a native of Miami…I grew up there so I know the city well.

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