Oh My God

I actually paused my vacation (happily, since the first leg is a stop in Georgia to can vegetables in 100 degree heat) to respond to the stupidest post I think I have ever read.  Ever.

The author over at Voluntarily Conservative feels “sorry” for those of us inspired by Barack Obama.  He says he had a real hero, and links to a you tube of one of the biggest crooks in history, Ronny Reagan.

I have long been amazed at how many people were fooled by Mr. Reagan.  Sweet Mother of God, plop an actor on a horse, and the masses swoon.  History will not be kind to him, (except history written by starry eyed conservatives) and while I’ll admit we don’t know for sure what Obama will do as President, I like our odds.

If a conservative wanders by here in the near future, please explain to me what is so inauthentic about Mr. Obama.  You cannot use campaign rhetoric to back up your claim, because there isn’t a politician alive that could pass that test.

Now, back to canning and cleaning gutters.  Beats reading that screed.



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26 responses to “Oh My God

  1. AHEM.

    Please explain to me what history is going to be so unkind to Reagan about. There isn’t a President in our history who hasn’t gotten his hands dirty. Obama isn’t a saint…none of them are.

    I enthusiastically support Barack Obama, but I don’t wear blinders, either.

    We could write a list of pros & cons on either guy…and yet they both inspire me.

  2. Why, you young whippersnappers. Well, back in my day we had Spiro T. Agnew and Richard M. Nixon – now those were real crooks, uphill both ways in the snow!

  3. Aw, now, Mack, you weren’t stirred by the great states’ rights speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi?

  4. The Missus

    Iran Contra?
    But Mack is right a little revisionist history will take care of that. Lying about a blow job is so much more fun!!

  5. nm

    Well, Ginger, if you like recession and taking the first steps towards increasing the gap in wealth between the wealthiest few and everyone else,* Reagan’s your guy. As I see it, his foreign adventurism and the lowering of American prestige overseas is just lagniappe.

    *Until Reagan overhauled the tax code, this gap had been shrinking steadily for 40 years.

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  7. I see your Iran Contra, but I raise you a “Tear down this Wall Mr. Gorbachev!” along with the destruction of the entire Soviet Union on his watch. Oh, and let’s not forget that his administration saved us from the downward spiral that Jimmy Carter had us snowballing down.

    …or what Exador said.

    God, I miss Phil Hartman.

  8. Ginger. care for a cookie with that Kool Aid?

  9. The Missus

    My bad I forgot St. Ronnie destroyed communism all by himself.

    What nm said, she’s a bad ass you know.

  10. My bad, Ronnie committed Iran Contra all by himself.

    nm is indeed bad ass.

    You’re good at the talking points, yerself, Mack Daddy. 😉

  11. Ron

    It’s funny how people quick to bash an inspiring actor president are so readily able to slurp an inspiring wannabe-actor wannabe-president who just happens to look black.

    The greatest thing about President Reagan will be that he paved the way for President Terminator. Rack it.

  12. nm

    the destruction of the entire Soviet Union

    You haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been going on in Russia lately under Putin, huh? I fail to see the change. But the “let’s spend Gorbachev to death” competition did usher in the recession here that I mentioned above, so you can’t say the policy had no effect.

  13. sarcastro

    Look at all the bitter, former air traffic controllers. Nothing like a lack of historical perspective to illuminate the discussion. Get back with me in 20 years then we can talk like grown ups about Reagan and his legacy. For now, all one can really say is that he imbued the country with a sense of optimism and inspired people to hope. Sounds exactly like Mr. Obama’s credentials.

  14. nm

    Funny thing about those air traffic controllers. Remember that they weren’t asking for raises, but for equipment to help them do their jobs better? Remember that because Reagan busted their union rather than give them what they wanted, a few years down the road there was a rash of plane crashes and near misses near airports? And the equipment had to be upgraded to save lives? The way PATCO had pointed out was necessary? Oooops!

    I happen to think that Reagan was pretty bad for this country, on balance. But I can understand people disagreeing with me, particularly people who focus on a couple of topics and ignore the big picture. But what I find ridiculous is that the folks who are out-and-out Reagan worshippers are the very ones who figure that Obama’s supporters must be the same sort of idolators that they are themselves, and criticize us for an adoration most of us don’t share.

  15. nm

    Oh, and I want to be clear that I’m not picking on Ginger in any of this. She asked for some reasons, and some of us are supplying them.

  16. Understood, nm. I always know where you are coming from.

    I actually saw major changes for the better from the time I was in the Soviet Union in the summer of ’88 to the last time I was there in 1996. The psyche of the people had done a 180 and there was no comparison as to their quality of life. Yes, Putin is doing what he can to take them backwards, I will definitely concede that point.

    I do believe that Reagan was a positive leader for our country in more ways than negative.

    My point is that there is no leader that has been all pros with no cons, and there never will be…Obama has already made some decisions that I do not agree with, but when you look at the big picture, I think he is most definitely what our country needs at this time in our history (just like Reagan was what we needed back then).

  17. Sarcastro

    Yes with the exception of asking for a 10k across the board raise, 32 hour work week and a better retirement package, it was all about safety for PATCO.

    If you fail to see the change between the Soviets and Putin, there’s a place in the mall that can get you new glasses in under an hour.

  18. Oh Pleeze. Comparing Reagan to Obama is a joke. Reagan was majorly involved in politics, both on the state and national level, FOR 20 YEARS before he became president. Hell, he was governor of California for eight years.

    You gotta love a guy who continues being president for 7 years after being shot.

  19. I love it when you get mad, Mack! Reagan was the biggest joke of a politician Hollywood ever manufactured. I lived in California and we got to see his glorious handiwork first-hand, like when he opened up all the state mental hospital and threw everyone out on the streets. Brilliant problem solving, that.

  20. democommie


    I love the folks who blame Carter for the economy being in the shitter when it was Nixon’s continuation of the Vietnam war for another 7 years (1969–1975) which did so much to ruin the economy.

    Reagan was prior to Bushit the lesser the worst president in my lifetime. Reagan, according to a Huckabee supporter (in an NPR interview some months back) always made you feel like the sun was shining and everything would be alright. Yep, that’s right, he would tell you that. Of course some of us know when someone else is pissing in our ear that it’s not raining, regardless of what he’s telling us.

  21. The only thing good I recall about the Reagan era was that it was the very first time we had a female president, once Nancy took over.

  22. hererightnow

    What we need is a hormonally charged female president….now that is someone who can get things done and command respect. Forget testosterone. Bring on the estrogen. We can think better on estrogen, in fact, that is when we do our best thinking, and heads fly. Imagine a female head for every country in the world. What great things could happen. Perhaps your daughter could be president someday…

  23. democommie

    Jim V.:

    Well, Nancy did have some celestial help. She may not have spoke directly to Jesus like Dumbya, but she did have that astrologer helping her figure out which days were good for St. Ronnie to mke major policy decisions or have meetings with VIP’s.

  24. What we need is a hormonally charged female president….

    Well, once again Hillary is out of the running–she’s post menopausal. Why do you people hate Hillary so much? Leave Hillary aloooooooonnnnneeeeee!!!!!!

  25. Exador

    We can think better on estrogen

    HA! I about spit out my water. Sure, my wife is a pinnacle of logical thought about every 28 days.

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