The Primary Wife and I shared a good laugh this morning.  See, its our 15th anniversary, and again, neither of us remembered in time to prepare anything.  Every year, it seems, one or the other remembers the day of, or the day after, and I can’t remember a time when that made either of us mad.

Part of the reason may be that it falls the day before the 4th of July.  Usually, we are on, or planning a vacation, and there are always activities around that date.  Neither of us uses those handy online calendars with any consistency, and, frankly, at our age, dates and times get lost with increasing frequency.  We are happy if we remember where we put the remote.

In honor of our anniversary, we have planned quite an exciting celebration.  She will be picking bugs off of her tomato plants, and I will spend a good part of the day cleaning the garage and barn.  But I’ve decided that I can’t just let number 15 pass without at least a quick public declaration of my feelings for her after a decade and a half together.  So:

Hey sweetie.  Like most couples, lost amidst grocery shopping, loads of laundry, dental appointments and of course, work, is the time we used to find to just “be together.”  I remember we could just jump in the pick-up and head out West on a whim…radio blaring, The Neurotic Pomeranian perched in a plastic laundry basket between us, and most of our possessions stuffed into backpacks or hand me down suitcases.  I-40 is long and hot and boring, but even that horrid stretch between Memphis and Amarillo seemed fun and exciting because you were there with me.

I remember stuffing the dog into a paper sack to sneak her into that hotel in New Orleans…only to have her paw burst through right in the middle of the lobby…I remember how sick you were after a night on Beale St, yet, you never complained that we logged over 600 miles that day.  So many great road memories…so many experiences in so many different towns.  Thanks for every one of these.

I’m sure most people would find our relationship odd, nowhere near mainstream, but really, haven’t we seen so many of our friends and acquaintence’s “normal” relationships deteriorate into needless drama and unrealistic expectations?  Perhaps because we had both been married before, and were quite a bit older when we met, but much of this has seemed effortless, like we just knew what to expect from each other.

As you know, I’m not much on public declarations, but I don’t care who knows this-You are more beautiful to me now than you have ever been.  You frequently lament the fact that age and childbearing has altered your shape or your hair color or your skin tone…and I always laugh a little to myself when you do…because I swear to God I’ve never noticed.  What I do notice, and what makes me happy inside, is when you put on certain pieces of jewelry you’ve collected through the years, because that reminds me of our many adventures.  I also still swell with pride if something I have written touches you, or when I ask you if I should embark on a new project, and you are unconditionally supportive.

I don’t think I have ever known a woman with a purer heart.  From the moment I met you, I was drawn to those things that make up your core…undescribable for the most part, but damn real and effortlessly so.  I’ve learned to appreciate so many things about life that I used to overlook.  Perhaps most importantly, I have long respected your courage.

I could write about your virtues all day, but I know there isn’t any need to do so…”comfortable in their own skin” is the perfect descriptive phrase for you.  I have been comfortable around your skin for quite some time, and I just keep getting more comfy everyday.

Thank you for hanging out with me, and for raising these beautiful children in these uncertain times, and for learning to live with my flaws without the need to point them out.

Whaddya say we hire a sitter, and hit the road for a coupla weeks?



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16 responses to “Already?

  1. woody

    Not to mention her tolerance, patience, willingness to overlook your personality, etc. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you are both so happy.

  2. nm

    Mack, that’s lovely. Happy anniversary to you both.

  3. The Missus

    Very sweet. Happy anniversary! We tend to forget our anniversary as well, usually due to a trip. Rock Solid can’t remember if its 6-24 or 6-25.

  4. Aw, what a beautiful tribute to your relationship. Happy anniversary to two of the nicest people I know. 🙂

  5. heartbreaktown

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hit the road for a coupla weeks?

    North! North! Come to Massachusetts! 49 States voted for Nixon – guess which one didn’t! That says something, right?

  6. nm

    If voting for McGovern is the criterion you’re using, DC is closer.

  7. Aw, ya old softy. You made me tear up just a little.

  8. Awwwww! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen in… well, just about ever.

    If you come west enough, we’d love to see you. I can imagine about a dozen people who’d have a blast meeting y’all.

  9. That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. Very nice. Congratulations!

  10. democommie


    “See, its our 15th anniversary, and again, neither of us remembered in time to prepare anything. ”

    I’d say you, and your lovely wife, spent 14 years, 364 days preparing for this message; for you to write and for her to read and for both of you to know the truth of love.

    Happy Anniversary.

  11. democommie


    Where in MA?

  12. cretinoidrobot

    A bit choked up by the sentiment, I overcame so as not to diminish the recital of your post to my own wife. You two are a model in many ways, and I appreciate having it. Happy anniversary.

  13. heartbreaktown


    We currently live in Worcester area, but find that most of our dealings in the Boston area – gigs, dining, recreation & such.

  14. awwww, I am just now getting caught up on my reading from being out of town…

    This post brought tears to my eyes…one of the most loving posts to a partner in life that I have ever read.

    Happy anniversary to you both.

  15. Mack, you softie. That was lovely.

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