I’m Stockpiling Food. Now.

No wonder that invitation from Hef never came in the mail.  I was doing it wrong!

Just for fun, be sure and check out step 5.



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6 responses to “I’m Stockpiling Food. Now.

  1. That guy in the picture looks like Garth Brooks…should I have been praying to Garth Brooks instead of Joe Pesci all along?

  2. If you’re serious about stockpiling vittles, I tried pickling this weekend if you want a recipe. I can’t say it’s a good one until I eat the pickles. I just couldn’t bear all them cucumbers coming in at one time and not eating them all, so I reckon I’ll start pickling them.

  3. The Missus

    You’re spending to much time on wikihow!

  4. Christian, we already can food from our garden or that of The Missus’ garden. Last year, we bought a nice pressure cooker, but, really, that was pretty tongue in cheek.

    Appreciate it, though.

  5. heartbreaktown

    Reading further, my curiosity was picqued at the topic “How To Blow A Shofar”.

  6. Ironically, I’ve met Hef.
    And his amazon queen girlfriends.

    Assuming your talking about Hugh Hefner, but I can’t imagine your talking about anyone else.

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