Geeks, Listen Up

I downloaded Firefox 3.  I want to turn off that annoying feature they call The “Smart Navigation bar.”

Please tell me how to do this.


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7 responses to “Geeks, Listen Up

  1. we all bow to your google-fu.

  2. It worked! I’m freezing some just for you, Bridgett.

  3. democommie


    Oh, this thread is “work safe” (as if that were a concern for me!). I misread it as “Greeks, listen up!”. To paraphrase the pithy Mr. Fulghum, “Everything I know about the internets could have been learned in kindergarten, by a slacker who was smokin’ in the boys’ room.”

  4. Demo….did you see my message to you on the “about me” thread?

  5. Eat those tamales. It’s going to be a while before I come down your way and I don’t want them to get freezerburn.

  6. democommie


    I see it. I gotta go down cellar to install a beam, I’ll send you one later this evening.

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