Mixed Emotions

Here’s the text of an email I sent to the people at Walden’s Puddle, an organization that cares for and rehabilitates wild animals:

To Whom It May Concern,

I appreciate the work your organization does for our animal friends.  The encroachment by short-sighted developers on their natural habitat has certainly caused injury to many forms of wildlife.  We do not allow hunting on our nearly 100 acres, and we have left much of it in its original state so that game may flourish.  We felt completely responsible for flushing a newborn fawn out from it’s hiding place, and we did our best to make sure that the fawn survived once the mother was unable to find him.  We bought infant-friendly water, formula, powdered goats milk, bottles, etc.  Our daughter, just 12 yrs old, spent two full nights waking every three hours to feed this young deer.  She picked him over for ticks, and watched over him nearly every hour of the day.

We convinced her that the best thing for this animal was to take him to Walden’s Puddle, where he could be cared for until he could be re-introduced into the wild.  We felt the company of other deer would be beneficial as well.  So, today, we loaded up and drove to Joelton.   The place is beautiful, alright.  We were excited by the idea that this little one would have a good chance at a full life after a brief stay.

Heres where the wheels came off the bus.  We brought our checkbook, so that we could leave a donation since we knew that is how y’all carry out your mission.  However, when my daughter walked through your door, carrying her newborn friend, your technician snatched it away so abruptly it startled even me.  She then pivoted around, and practically ran through an adjoining door, without so much as a thank you directed at my daughter.  Supermousey (her online name) burst into tears, as she wanted just a few seconds to rub on him and say goodbye/good luck.  Your other technician/volunteer stood in the little kitchen area and rolled her eyes at a lady who had trouble parking her truck, and again at my mother-in-law for not realizing she was standing in the entryway and causing your door bell to go off.  In short, we cannot ever remember being treated so rudely after taking the time,trouble, and expense to do the right thing.  You lost our financial support, and you totally crushed this young, bright girl, who may have been a tireless advocate for the work you do.  She had, on the drive over, remarked that she might want to volunteer at your facility in a few years.

Slow down.  The deer wasn’t injured.  This was not a Code-Blue, life in danger situation like you see on “ER.”  Not everyone knows what you know about caring for injured/abandoned animals, and those that try deserve at least a minute of your attention.  Put people up front that can also interact with humans.





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9 responses to “Mixed Emotions

  1. The Missus

    What a sweet picture! It’s hard to believe the folks at WP acted that way. Did you have any choice words for them in person? I hope Supermousey isn’t taking to hard. Let us know if/when you hear back from WP.

  2. I’m trying not to take it too hard. Even though they were extremely rude to me, I know that Bambi is in a better place, and can live like he is supposed to.

    I even taped one of his little hairs to my mirror and kept his bottle. =)

    (In Memory of BAMBI!!!!)

  3. The story plus picture have made me tear up. I hope no one comes to my cubicle right now.

  4. heartbreaktown

    Awwwww. That’s such an adorable picture.

    Bedside manner and customer service are both lost arts. Hopefully someone will get back to you with an apology.

  5. That picture is making me cry right here at work! I can’t wait to show Amanda!

    SuperMousey, what a sweet, precious heart you have to take care of this helpless baby like you did.

  6. nm

    Good for Supermousey, but no matter how badly they treated you (and I’m sure it startled the fawn, as well) I’m glad you took the baby to Walden’s Puddle. I was having horrible visions of the little thing becoming semi-domesticated and you having to go all The Yearling about it.

  7. democommie


    I found a fledged, but unable to fly, Baltimore Oriole once. These birds were vanishinly rare in the area I lived in. I have a friend who does wildlife rehab and she suggested I take it to a place where she had volunteered. I did so and the owner told me, after looking the bird over that it was probably fine. Otoh, he said, if it was not able to “deal” he’d feed it to one of the carnivores. I thought he was joking. About two years later he was arrested and had his licenses revoked for animal cruelty. Yikes.

  8. I think the picture is lovely and good for Supermousy.
    And what Jim said.

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