Deer Friends

Yesterday, while bush-hogging around the creek, I accidentally flushed this young deer from it’s hiding place.  He/she ran off about 50 meters, then circled back and laid down in some tall grass not too far away.  I stopped working in that area, in the hopes that Mama would come back and claim her fawn.  Well, she did come back, looked around, made a strange call from less than three feet away, but didn’t see him/her!

I waited and waited, but Mama never came back again.  I have no idea how old this deer is, but its too young to eat on its own.  Finally, I remembered Liz from The Scene has donated and possibly volunteered with these people, and I reached out.  They immediately called back, and gave me some instructions.  Unfortunately, I had to dismiss the idea to leave him alone all night, since he had been in the grass for over 12 hours with nothing to eat or drink.  I drove to a Pharmacy and picked up some Dextrose-water, and some formula.  With a syringe, I was able to get some fluid into him and he perked up quite a bit.

Supermousey decided she would sleep next to him last night, and offer more water or food to him at 2:00 a.m.  We are all pretty accustomed to taking shifts caring for an animal, as some of you will remember our prize mare died right after giving birth to Aras.  We spent an entire Summer getting up every four hours or so and bottle feeding him.  I’m not sure where this is heading…I feel terrible for almost running him over with the tractor.  If this little guy makes it, we’ll keep y’all informed.

Note:  In the picture, Grandma’s cat looks to be thinking he has happened upon the world’s biggest mouse.


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20 responses to “Deer Friends

  1. democommie


    I don’t know anything about the law re: wildlife rehab in TN, but what you’re doing is legally problematic in some states. As long as you’ve got an okay from someone who has juridstiction I’m sure it’s alright. Just a word. Hope that the little critter makes (actually, I hope the cat doesn’t infarct worrying about how to deal with such an ginormous “mouse”!)

  2. Jurisdiction? This is private property. I don’t allow hunting, and actually plant crops for the wildlife to eat. Its like a damn game reserve around here. Are you saying I might be breaking the law caring for this little guy? Wouldn’t that just be special…

  3. Just be careful of ticks. Deer carry some nasty ticks.

  4. I can haz venison?

  5. You might check with the local game people, Mac. TN has some restrictions – mostly because of morons trying to keep lions and tigers as pets – on that kind of thing.

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  7. Mack, I like you more and more every day.

  8. That is absolutely precious.

  9. heartbreaktown

    How pretty. I love the markings. Could be a treasure map?

    If you dedicate a room to the little guy, you could have a stag party at fawn hall.

    (cracking myself up)

    Anyway, I know you’ll keep us informed.

  10. There is this:

    70-4-102. Illegal taking, possession or destruction of wildlife — Penalty for violations. —

    (a) It is unlawful for any person to hunt, kill, trap, ensnare, or destroy, or to attempt to hunt, kill, trap, ensnare, or destroy, or to have in such person’s possession, any form of wildlife except subject to the restrictions and by the means and devices and at the time prescribed by this title.

    (b) Any violations of the proclamations and rules and regulations proclaimed by the wildlife resources commission are punishable as provided in this title, and the illegal taking or possession of each bird, animal or fish constitutes a separate offense.

    (c) A violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor.

    [Acts 1951, ch. 115, §§ 1, 4 (Williams, §§ 5178.30, 5178.33); Acts 1961, ch. 198, § 2; Acts 1974, ch. 481, § 21; 1982, ch. 738, § 15; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), §§ 51-405, 51-412; Acts 1998, ch. 909, § 1; 2003, ch. 61, § 2.]

    There is also this:

    70-4-105. Lawful possession of wildlife by legal license holders. —

    (a) Wild animals, wild birds, or wild fowl lawfully taken may be possessed by legal license holders during any open season for their lawful taking, designated pursuant to the terms of § 70-4-107(b)-(d), but no person shall have in possession or in storage, or both, during any open season or at any other time, more than the possession limit prescribed by the wildlife resources commission.

    (b) Any person violating the provisions of this section commits a Class C misdemeanor.

    I don’t think the first one is applicable sense Mack did not try to trap or ensnare the animal in question. However, I don’t know what the “possession limit prescribed by the wildlife resources commission” is.

  11. Oh — white tale deer is considered ‘Class IV wildlife’ — § 70-4-403

  12. democommie


    Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be an alarmist and I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I would just not want to see you or anyone else come a cropper for being a good doobie. Hope it all works out.

  13. democommie


    Oh yeah, the tick thing. Watch out for Lyme’s.

  14. I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re saving Bambi’s life. *clapping*

  15. No Demo…you were right. Its totally illegal for me to keep this deer. I wouldn’t worry about that…but I’m not qualified to raise a deer, he needs to get back out in the wild. He goes to Waldens Puddle in the morning.

  16. democommie


    Ah, well, good then. I hope he/she has a nice long deer life and always finds the tenderest shoots and grasses.

  17. Also Mack, rest assured that there’s probably none of us that actually object to you breaking the law – we just don’t want you caught at it. 😉

  18. (puts down the bong) What?

  19. that is so 70s dude – i think…..

  20. democommie

    What’s a “bong”?

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