My Brother, The Jerk

I’m totally floored.  Lets forget, for a moment, all the times I screwed up so that he could play the role of Helpful Big Brother, and come to my rescue.  We can dismiss the countless fights I bravely avoided until he threatened to beat me up himself if I didn’t engage.  How many times did I drop what i was doing so that I could keep him company at Laker games or boxing matches?  In how many huddles did I suggest just handing the ball to him and letting him outrun everyone to the end-zone?  In retrospect, i was the quintessential little brother to him.  And, you ask, how does he repay me?

He goes to las Vegas, and instead of taking me, takes his wife and daughter.  Prick.



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5 responses to “My Brother, The Jerk

  1. heartbreaktown

    That insensitive bastard.

  2. democommie


    He should have at least taken your money.

  3. cut him out of the will – that’ll teach him to trifle with you!

  4. democommie

    jim voorhies:

    I’d cut people out of my will–but I doubt they would notice.

  5. woody

    Ah Memories! Mrs. Woody and I still play a game called “outrunning to the end zone”. If I can catch it, I get it. Trouble is I can no longer catch it.

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