Farewell, Tim

I always like Tim Russert, even when i didn’t agree with him.  He was dedicated to both his family and his work, which he did as conscientiously as anyone.  He’ll be missed.



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6 responses to “Farewell, Tim

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  2. heartbreaktown

    Sad and shocking. Sunday morning just won’t be the same.

  3. democommie


    I’ll withhold my true nastiness, I did not like the man, ever. He was a shill for Bushco for far too long.

  4. nm

    Nah, he wasn’t a shill; he was a lot more complicated than that. His problem (and, if he had been able to recognize it, I believe that he would have agreed that it was a problem, because he started out as a good straight journalist) was that he had come to identify so strongly with the culture he was supposed to be reporting on (the political establishment in DC with all its ramifications) that he could see it only from the inside. He could no longer step outside it and question its basic premises and principles; he could no longer recognize the bullshit. So, no matter how many times he played gotcha with politicians and spin doctors (and he did that, very effectively), it was rarely about anything really important. And he was losing touch with the fact that there might be people who weren’t just like him but who still were good folks.

    Nevertheless, by every single account I have ever heard he was a remarkable family man, a loving friend, and a generous mentor. And way too young to die.

  5. democommie


    I’m not glad he’s dead. I would’ve been perfectly happy if he had just gone off the air.

    He facilitated people like Dick Cheney; letting them come on and spew nonsense and lies without really going after them.

    I actually heard someone today, Bob Schieffer from NBC (?) say that he never “ambushed” or cheap shotted his guests. Well, that’s all well and good, if they’re telling the truth. We know for a fact that Cheney is to telling the truth what George W. Bush is to fiscal prudence.

    It’s great that he was a good father, I just wish he had been a good journalist/interviewer.

  6. nm

    Sure. But there’s a huge difference between not being a good journalist and becoming a shill. And though he was guilty of the one he wasn’t guilty of the other.

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