Flop, Turn, River

I played Texas Hold-em last night.  Got wind of a game not far from here, with a cheap buy-in.  I’d forgotten how weird the experience can be.  Walking into a game, cold, especially in that part of town, is not for the feint of heart.  Plus, Hold-em is unique among poker games.  Community cards, and forced bets, called blinds, changes the psychology of betting quite a bit.  In Low-Ball, (what I’ve played most of my life) there is only two rounds of betting, and sometimes its possible to “protect” your bet if you are aggressive enough.  Big Blinds change all that.

Anyway, what an odd collection of souls that was.  There were pimps, dealers, lawyers, mechanics, cattle rustlers and horn-swagglers.  And that was just the women.  Every person at the table chain smoked.  My eyes were burning when I left.  And, of course, there was The Talker.  You’ll find one at almost every game.  He or she will keep up a running monologue the entire game.  This can distract less disciplined players, at that is obviously the point.   Sometimes, I’m The Talker.  Last night I was pretty tired when I started, so i was content to let someone else annoy the other players.

I busted out pretty early.  Like i said, I was tired, so i was very aggressive and caught a beautiful second-place hand, went all-in.  (pocket tens)

O/T, but does anyone know an Avon rep?  I need a boatload of Skin so Soft.  Even with Frontline, our dogs were suffering from fleas, until i bathed them with that stuff.  Wow, what a difference.



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19 responses to “Flop, Turn, River

  1. nm

    My Avon Lady was a grandmother with biker tattoos all over all the visible parts of the upper half of her body. But a year or so ago she took her two Pekingese dogs and runnoft with some guy. So I can’t help you.

  2. You can just order it online–


    And now your dogs smell like teenage girls!

  3. heartbreaktown

    I just watched Rounders a couple of days ago. Have you seen it? Excellent movie.

    So even though you busted out this time, did it feel good to play?

  4. Haven’t seen Rounders. Of course, i don’t go to the movies anymore…

    Yea, felt good, but I’m rusty as hell.

  5. democommie


    I’m sure you know all of the tricks like brewers yeast in the dog food (I’m told it’s not really very effective), etc.,. I did hear a piece on NPR the other day about some new non-DEET compounds that are much more effective than anything they’ve tried so far. Google it and see if they can help. Skin so soft is ‘spensive, even in bulk.

    Obviously whatever else is in it, there is a compound of some sort that confuses the skeeters. I’d google that too.

    I know, this isn’t anything solid, but who knows?

  6. heartbreaktown

    Well, I really think you’d like it a lot. I recommend it highly to anyone with your last name.

    And just so you know, it’s possible to see movies without going to them. There are stores called “video stores” and they rent tapes and dvds of movies. There’s also something called cable tv (pronounced kay-bul teevee). Check it out.


  7. If it ain’t showin on HBO or Showtime, I probably won’t see it.

    Video Stores=Tower Records. (just a matter of time)

  8. Demo, I’ll check it out.

  9. There were pimps, dealers, lawyers, mechanics, cattle rustlers and horn-swagglers.

    Who do you think you are, Jesus?


  10. Just might be, Beale, just might be.

    B thinks i’m more like John The Baptist.

  11. My sister-in-law is an Avon rep. Please buy from her…it’ll go toward new shoes for my nephew.

  12. uh-oh, the link went into your spam…let’s try that again: http://lisabailey.avonrepresentative.com/

  13. Which is why I feel compelled to warn you to only go to strip clubs featuring the Dance of the Seven Veils while wearing some kind of protective gear on your neck.

  14. Have her call me, Ginger.

  15. 1. Rounders is an old movie. Like 10 years or more old.

    2. Part of town? I’ve been where you live, there’s no “part” of town. It’s barely a town!

    3. Yep, the fleas are awful this year. We’re having a terrible time here too and I hadn’t thought about the Skin So Soft, good idea. This time the Frontline seemed to last about a whole WEEK, and I suspect the rumors that are going around (either or both) are true, that the manufacturer has either changed the formula or that the fleas are developing a resistance.

    Another multi-pet owner friend of mine & I have also decided that the Frontline Top Spot works better than Frontline Plus does. Another alternative might be to go back to Advantage for a few months, some say that improves things.

  16. Lynnster, the game was in Springfield, but we have our share of outlaws right here in this town as well.

    I’m not sure the skin so soft stuff repels, but I know my dogs have quit scratching their bottoms along the deck floor or grass. I think it soothes the dry skin/bite irritations.

  17. When I use Skin So Soft it does repel…I don’t know what it is…I use it on my legs, especially. But only the kind in the pink bottle.

    I sent Lisa your number…when you get a call from the 318 area code, it will be her…she’s in Louisiana.

  18. Oh OK, Springfield qualifies I guess. Outlaws where you are? Hee.

    Our fleas are just getting worse, everyone’s been treated and it lasted about a week. I’m about to give one cat a bath in Dawn dish liquid (vets recommend it for fleas) and he’s not going to like it one bit.

    I was at Wal-Mart last night and noticed the Sergeant’s Gold is billing itself as being “faster than Frontline Plus” (and it’s $10.94 for 4 doses). I may try that next. After years on Frontline Top Spot & Plus, we spent about four years on Sergeant’s Pretect (which for some unknown reason got taken off the market) and even with ONLY the dogs treated (since the cats don’t go outside), we had ZERO fleas that whole time. So we are either going to try that or go back to Advantage for a while next round.

    I will also not recommend Advantix at all. I got some last fall and it didn’t work AT ALL.

  19. woody

    Texas hold-em? You used to play real poker back in the day. I’m e-mailing you from LV and I was just in the Rio where they are holding the world series of poker. My God what a crowd. TV ruined poker forever. Everybody playing to a camera that doesn’t exist and everybody bluffing all the time. No nuance, no strategy, no psychology, all luck. Glad I retired.

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