No Surprise, Really.

I made Obama’s short-list.  Never underestimate the Gentleman Farmer vote.



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12 responses to “No Surprise, Really.

  1. nm

    You’re not that short.

  2. You’re the man Obama buys his shorts from?

  3. democommie

    I made his “I’m a little short this month” list–and I will continue to do so.

  4. Demo, LOL.

    I’m ignoring NM and B. They had better hope i don’t decide to flex my VP muscles by making the Democratically controlled legislature pass laws silencing egg-head academics…

  5. nm

    Hey, I’m complimenting you on your height. How can you take that as anything less than full support?

    But your eyesight, that’s a different question. ‘Cause neither B nor I has a pointy head, or even a pointy chin.

  6. democommie

    Aw, jeez, they’re both teachers? Shit, I never won an argument in my life with a teacher–three of my aunties were nuns. Crap.

    Hey, how’s the herd?

  7. Yeah, how’s the herd?

  8. i’ve already got a bacon number of three – how come you’re on the list and i’m not?

  9. The Gentleman (and Gentlewoman) Farmer vote will save this nation.

    I’m telling ya.

    They’ll also lobby for medical marijuana, but who the heck has a problem with that?

  10. Democommie, we’re not teachers. I think we’re down-rung a little from teachers on Mack’s ladder of who should be spared teasing.

  11. democommie

    Autn B.:

    My mistake, I misinterpreted his comment. But, I really did have 3 aunts who were nuns. The one that passed most recently was an inner city, wrong side of the tracks parochial school teacher and she was completely full of beans. What a neat lady she was–I miss her.

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