Crisis Mode-Day Two

Thank you to everyone that commented, emailed, or called with well wishes.  There seems to be little or no signs of colic, and usually, when one or more of our herd is in distress, they tend to want to stay right up under us.  We actually put a saddle on Aras today, and he quickly learned to accept direction from reins.  Lena had someone on her back for the first time in 7 years.  They reluctantly accept their yucky medicine, and they were happy to be groomed this morning.  We may just be in fine shape, though I am hesitant to let my guard down until Day Three or Four.

Its amazing how excited we all are to see them poop.  I think I need a trip to the city….



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9 responses to “Crisis Mode-Day Two

  1. As a frequent studier of poop (it’s a necessity around here), I hear ya.

  2. heartbreaktown

    Sorry haven’t around much on the computer and wasn’t able read the farm drama til this mornin’. Sounds stressful and I hope everything goes well! But I have to say if watching animals poop is exciting you may need to re-examine your hobbies.


  3. cretinoidrobot

    I live in the city, and could use some help putting up a fence.

  4. I’m available after Tues.

  5. I spend a large part of my life evaulating animal poop.

    And then I wonder why people think I’m strange.


  6. Have you researched/tried giving them canned pumpkin? That’s a natural laxative for dogs…not sure about horses, though.

  7. nm

    Golly, Mack. They still doing OK?

  8. Kat, they are to have nothing but grass for a week…I think mineral oil is pretty natural, too. I don’t think horses would eat pumpkin, though.

    NM, yes, much, much better, thanks.

  9. democommie


    Perhaps if you demonstrated the technique for them, they would follow shit, I mean suit.

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