Lex Parsimoniae

In my previous lives, I think I skipped the entire 14th century.  Had I not, I would have heeded William of Ockham’s philosophy of nominalism, because I’m pretty sure we would have hung out.

So, today, when my coveted time on my tractor was abruptly interrupted by engine trouble, I did the following:

Cursed.  Removed the entire engine guard to troubleshoot.  Used The Google to find out if anyone else has had this happen.  Called every tractor dealer on the planet to get advice from their service dept.  Dropped the deck to gain access to cable assemblies.  Removed drive belt.  Changed the air, fuel, and just for good measure, the oil filters.  Ridiculed The Primary Wife for suggesting “something might be loose.”

Tightened throttle body screw.

Got back on, and resumed working.




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4 responses to “Lex Parsimoniae

  1. democommie


    Dude, like your wife doesn’t read this blog, right?

    I had a date, first date, with a woman some years ago and when I arrived at her house she asked me in for a cold drink and some chit-chat before we went to dinner. When we came out my beater, a well abused ’75’ Monte Carlo, would not start. I checked the belts and cables, everything seemed “jake”. I even pulled out the alternator and checked the brushes to make sure that wasn’t the problem.

    We wound up going in her car, had a great time and spent a lot time together over the next four years. One day she told me that my willingness to do the “shade tree mechanic” routine made her think I was a problem solving kindaguy. I told her that the next day when I came back for my car I discovered the negative lead to the starter was almost hanging free. I tightened the nut, and drove the car for another year or two or our dates.

  2. crap. this reminds me i gotta fix my tractor. i’ll go ask “she who must be obeyed” what’s wrong.

  3. Seriously, when are you going to realize that the gods are trying to tell you to rely on women for your tractor needs?

    What was that you once said about needing more wives?

  4. democommie

    I actually met a very nice Russian woman last night at a big band thing and she was very interesting. She’s retired from teaching philosophy at Syracuse, and I don’t think she knows diddely about tractors. But, maybe she spent her summers on the collective farm, growing up. I’ll have to ask her, if the phone number she gave me turns out to be for real.

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