And We Get Bent Over Litter…

If you are familiar with “Get Your War On”, you probably know who David Rees is.  I did, but I was unaware that he donated the proceeds from his GYWO books to help this organization rid Afghanistan of land mines.

Land mines can lay dormant for years, then explode if a farmer or child or other innocent disturbs it.  Our precious cluster bombs often leave unexploded “bomblets” scattered around populated areas, and it is not uncommon for children to try and salvage them to sell, sometimes resulting in lost life or limb.

I wrote about depleted uranium years ago, after we peppered the Iraq countryside with shells.  That stuff just doesn’t go away, and it can render land unusable forever.

I mention these three things today, because a quote from Mr. Rees sums up best why I would pick Obama over Clinton and not look back.  Before I highlight the quote, I should refer the reader to Senate Amendment No. 4882, an amendment to a Pentagon appropriations bill that would have banned the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas.  Obama voted in favor of the ban.  Clinton did not.  Heres what Rees wrote:

I’m not a single-issue voter. But as Obama and Clinton share many policy positions, this vote was revelatory for me. After all, Amendment No. 4882 was an easy one to vote against: Who’d want to risk accusation of “tying the hands of the Pentagon” during a never-ending, global War on Terror? As is so often the case, there was no political cost to doing the wrong thing. And there was no political reward for doing the right thing.

But Senator Obama did the right thing.

Is Senator Obama perfect? Of course not. Nobody who voted for 2005’s wack-ass energy bill is perfect. Nobody who voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act is perfect.

But of the two remaining Democratic candidates, one decided her vote on Amendment No. 4882 according to a political calculation. The other used a moral calculation.




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4 responses to “And We Get Bent Over Litter…

  1. The Missus

    Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know about this amendment. I looked up the vote on 4882, it failed to pass btw. Not one republican voted for this.

  2. democommie


    You are aware that an international conference has just agreed to outlaw the use of CBU’s and destroy any stocks currently held within 8 years? Three countries refused to agree, those filthy commies in China, the Tsarists in Russian and, and, and US!

  3. Huh, another reason to vote for Hillary over Obama.

    “International Conferences” generally vote that “we” all ban weapons that the members have few of.

    Hitler also tried to push for an agreement with France and England to abolish heavy guns and heavy tanks; something in which Germany was lacking, in comparison to France and England.

    All for peace.

  4. democommie


    I hardly think that there’s anyone in any position to act like Hitler did, with the exception of Russia and China–who have enough on their own plates at the moment–and, of course, Bushco who can never have enough.

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